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Judgement Calls by Committee


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At the Houston SpeedFest, a new system was tried to handle the judgement calls during racing. For the ASA Pro Late Model class and for the Pro Modified class, a committee of 5 spotters were selected to make the judgement calls (with input from the track officials, if offered). The committee made the final ruling. I think the committee needed a minimum of 3 out of the 5 to agree on a ruling.


It would nice to get some feedback how that (un)biased system worked.



It seems that HMP track management is trying to get more experienced people involved in a consensus ruling.... instead of making officials calls, and then having to listen to the complainers throughout the week.

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Also if one of the cars involved had a relation to one of the five in the committee then that person ad no say in the ruling. They only had a limited amount of time to make a decision and if one could not be made then it went to the higher-ups. I think it worked pretty good. The only small problem that I saw was our spotter (Jim Cole) was one of the five and during the cautions he had to discuss what happened with the committee when James was trying to find info on the radio. All worked out well and glad to see some thinking out of the box.


Jason Ray

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This system is used nation wide in Quarter midgets.


There are 2 spotters per 1/2 the track, or it can be done via pack..

the 5th spotter is the "head" spotter who is watching the general action, and is well versed in QMA rules.


Also the QMA rule book uses a very effective There or not there rule.


There are 4 lines pained going in and coming out of each corner.. If the driver challeng'n for position does not have his or her front bumper to the lead drivers head, and there is contact resulting in a Yellow, The Challenge driver is at fault. If challeng'n driver is there and there is contact resulting in a yellow It is the Lead drivers fault.


2 Calls Chop or Charge SIMPLE!!!


The call is only on the first 2 involved. All others get there place back..


Only other common call is "Racing Room".. You must give the other driver room anywhere on the track


Its been used for over 50 years... So not sure on the "big experiment".

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