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Lone Star Quarter Midget results, 3/10/07

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3/10/2007 Lone Star Quarter Midget Association

San Antonio, TX

Texas Shoot Out Series Race Results


Division: Junior Novice Heat Race

1st Christopher Larson

2nd Trent Beaver

3rd Drew Simental

4th Emma Lewis

5th Chris Martin

6th Logan Dupree

7th Berkelee Jimenez


Division: Junior Novice Main Race

1st Trent Beaver

2nd Christopher Larson

3rd Drew Simental

4th Chris Martin

5th Emma Lewis


Division: Sr. Novice Heat Race

1st Zac Comer

2nd Austin Benson

3rd Shaye Weber


Division: Sr. Novice Main Race

1st Shaye Weber

2nd Zac Comer

3rd Austin Benson


Division: Junior Honda Heat Race

1st Savannah Jerkins

2nd Leah Wilcox

3rd Nathan Lewis

4th Christopher Hogan

5th Trey Beaver

6th Tate Gregory

7th Eli Hand

8th Kevin Michaels

9th Jake Hoepner


Division: Junior Honda Main Race

1st Trey Beaver

2nd Savannah Jerkins

3rd Nathan Lewis

4th Christopher Hogan

5th Eli Hand

6th Kevin Michaels

7th Tate Gregory

8th Leah Wilcox

9th Jake Hoepner


Division: Sr. Honda Heat Race

1st Kate Dallenbach

2nd Kyle Thompson

3rd Colin Briley

4th Cullen Digilormo

5th Dillon Bellino

6th Ryan Hoepner

7th Jake Wright

8th Mathis Hinton

9th Colby Bauer

10th Cody Stacy


Division: Sr. Honda Main Race

1st Kate Dallenbach

2nd Colin Briley

3rd Jake Wright

4th Cullen Digilormo

5th Colby Bauer

6th Dillon Bellino

7th Mathis Hinton

8th Cody Stacy

9th Ryan Hoepner

10th Kyle Thompson


Division: Jr. Stock Heat Race

1st Nathan Lewis

2nd Leah Wilcox

3rd Christopher Hogan


Division: Jr. Stock Main Race

1st Nathan Lewis

2nd Christopher Hogan

3rd Leah Wilcox


Division: Lt. 160 Heat Race

1st Hunter Montgomery

2nd Charles Aiken

3rd Kate Dallenbach

4th Hunter Weber

5th Travis Benson

6th Kaitlyn Hogan


Division: Lt. 160 Main Race

1st Kate Dallenbach

2nd Charles Aiken

3rd Hunter Montgomery

4th Travis Benson

5th Hunter Weber

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Congrats to all the QMA Drivers & Families for the first shootout of the 2007 Season..


Take notice.. there are some young ladies in this bunch that are putting on a show!!!

And there are young kids driving like you wouldn't belive... !!!


Not to mention a growing car COUNT...

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