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buescher at lakeland


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just read results on speed 51 james finished 20th while gary helton finished 7th.

matt hawkins won



Pro Cup Race Results


1.Matt Hawkins

2.Trevor Bayne

3.Bobby Gill

4.Woody Howard

5.Frank Deiny

6.Justin Wakefield

7.Gary Helton

8.Clay Jones

9.Don Satterfield

10.Mike Garvey

11.Mike Herman

12.Mart Nesbitt

13.Jay Fogelman

14.Andrew Rogers

15.Dange Hanniford

16.Bill Plemons Jr

17.Brett Butler

18.Kirk Leone

19.Joe Coulter

20.James Buescher

21.Richard Boswell

22.Billy Bigley Jr

23.Chase Pistone

24.Tom Hessert

25.Bryan Silas

26.Brian Scott

27.Mark McFarland

28.Caleb Holman

29.Wade Day

30.Michael Ritch

31.Dusty Williams

32.Shelby Howard

33.Buckshot Jones

34.Josh Andrew

35.Derrick Kelley

36.Dustin DesChamps

37.Daniel Johnson

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