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Good luck


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...to all the THR Street Stock drivers for the next 3 races. Just like TSRS (yes, feel free to blame us! :P ) the Street Stocks points chase is down the nitty gritty, with any one of 5 able to win!


Good luck to all of you!



Street Stock Total Points as of 8-30-03

(from Kathy)

02 Doug Ayers 1065

05 Marc Currey 1045

2 Bobby Teer Jr. 1045

3 Bobby LaFont 1025

99 Cary Stapp 1015

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Come on Chuck.. you can't be pulling for all of those Street Stock teams.. tell us who you really want to win this SS championship.


I'm pulling for Cary Stapp because his brother and crew chief, Chase Stapp, is one of TSZ's most thoughtful members.


Nick Holt

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Well thanks Nick. When the motor blew last Saturday, we thought real hard about giving it up for the season. Now that the backup motor is in and running, I'm glad we worked the hours this week to get it back together. I just hope all of those 5 finish the season with cars in good shape. That way we'll know that the racing decided the championship rather than bad luck.


Now let's go racing!



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