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Pro Cuts TWDTC @ TMS Dirt Track, Sat Recaps and results

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Pro Cuts, Texas World Dirt track Championship @ Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track, 3/3/07

By J M Hallas

Ft Worth, Tx.(March 3, 2007) Saturday's finale for the ProCuts Texas Worlld Dirt Track Championships saw sunny but cool conditions greet the drivers, crews and fans. A few new cars added to the already record numbers in both classes.


With half the field set in the Modified class, another program would be run to fill the final 12 spots for the 30-lap, $3000 to win Modified Championship race. The SUPR Late Model would run their regular program to set their 22-car field for the $3000 to win Late Model A-main.


Virden Victorious in Modified Championship Main

Russelville, Arkansas' Johnny Virden took the lead early from both front row starts and then ran away from the star studded field to grab the Modified portion of the Texas World Dirt Track Championship. Virden led flag to flag with little challenge as he pocketed the $3000 top prize.


After a four-wide salute to the fans, Howard Willis and Jeremy Rasmussen paced the 24-car Modified main to green. Rasmussen outgunned Willis into turn 1, but it was Johnny Virden coming from outside row two taking the lead on lap 1. Clyde Dunn fell into second, with Heath Davenport, Jason Ingalls and Willis in the top five. Virden quickly broke away from the two three car packs behind him.


Willis' chance for the weekend sweep came to an end on lap 7 when he slowed after being passed by Tim Clonch, Chad Wheeler and Eric Turner. The other front row starter had his problems also when he spun in turn 2 after contact within a wolfpack battling for 10th. On the restart, Dunn looked high,then low in a futile attempt to get by Virden while Wheeler got by Ingalls for fourth.


It didn't take long until Virden was again pulling away to a big lead as the field strung out into single file formation. Turner finally began to put some pressure on Clonch for sixth, with Jamie Burford going past Michael Robertson for 10th. Davenport took over second from Dunn on lap 15, as Wheeler and Ingalls closed in.


At the crossed flags it was Virden, Davenport, Dunn, Wheeler and Ingalls in the top five. Wheeler continued to work his way up taking third from Dunn on lap 20. The top three then separated out with big gaps between them and no fights for position going on in the top 10. In the final laps, Davenport and Wheeler would cut into Virden’s lead but never got close enough to mount a challenge as Virden snagged the victory in his Frye Motorsports, Cates and Company Motors, New Vision Graphics, GRT Chassis.

“The first corner was the key to the win.,” said Virden. “ I think I was the first one to find the groove. Once I got in it, I knew it and I was hammer down after that. I got there first and I think they were just above it. After I found it I could just motor away from them.”

I was mainly concerned about Howard(Willis). I raced him hard last night and he was better than I was. We changed some things on the car for today. We knew which direction to go.”

“This is the biggest car count race I’ve ever been at. We raced some big money shows but they only had 60-80 cars, not 200. The track is similar to a lot of ½ mile tracks we race. It’s a little faster with bigger corners. It’s a good fast, wide track to race on.”


Modified 30 lap A-main

1. 1v Johnny Virden, Russellville, Ark.

2. 7D Heath Davenport, Yedville, Ark.

3. 88 Chad Wheeler, Muskogee, Ok.

4. 88xxx Clyde Dunn, Sunnyvale, Tx.

5. 34 Jason Ingalls, Longview, Tx.

6. 88x Tim Clonch, Quinlan, Tx.

7. 99t Eric Turner, Hermitage, Mo.

8. 5a Wes Armstrong, Marshall, Tx.

9. 27s Greg Skaggs, Bixby, Ok.

10. 4g Gary Clark, Walker, Mo.

11. 19 Jamie Burford, Keatchie, La.

12. 10w George White, Ft Worth, Tx.

13. 5 Sean Jones, Irving, Tx.

14. 05 Michael Robertson, Minden, La.

15. 21 Chris Brown, Cleveland, Tx.

16. 125 Scott Green, Durby, Kan.

17. 727 Glen Hibbard, Euless, Tx.

18. 101 Chris Henigan, Marshall, Tx.

19. 701 Henry Witt jr, Waco, Tx.

20 115 Nathan Mayes, Springdale, Ark.

21. 87 Billy Melton, Longview, Tx.

22. 31j Jeremy Rasmussen, Bentonville, Ark.

23. 1x Howard Willis, Dayton, Tx.

24. 15 Larry Campbell, Van Buren, Ark.




Rasmussen Rakes in win with Row 1 start in Modified Qualifier

In the Modified A-qualifier, Jeremy Rasmussen eked out the win to grab the outside front row starting position. Rasmussen got out front early and held off charges from Heath Davenport in the final laps to secure the victory.


Rasmussen was out front first, with Davenport, William Gould and Chris Brown falling in line behind him at the start of the 20-lap qualifier. The top four began to put some distance on a nine car battle raging for sixth on back. Brown and Gould ran side by side for third on lap 4. Mike Roach brought out the yellow on lap 5 after getting tapped and spun by last years winner, George White.


Jason Ingalls got by Gould on the restart for fourth, leaving Chad Wheeler and Gould wheel to wheel for fifth. Wheeler took the spot briefly,but Gould fough back taking the position again on lap 8. The two continued to swap the spot, with Scott Green and Michael Robertson side by side for eighth and Tristan Dycus and Billy Melton running wheel to wheel for 10th.


At the mid point it was Rasmussen, Davenport, Brown, Ingalls and Wheeler in the top five. Casey Jordon brought out caution on lap 11 with a solo spin in turn 4. On the restart Wheeler got inside Ingalls for fourth with Gould and Larry Campbell side by side for sixth. Wheeler then snagged third from Brown on lap 12 as he made his way to the front.


Up front, Davenport was hanging on to Rasmussen for the lead. As Gould slowed and pulled off from his top ten spot, White and Glen Hibbard were wheel to wheel for for ninth. With two to go, Rasmussen and Davenport were nose to tail for the lead as Wheeler closed in. The final caution waved on lap 18 when Dennie Gieber broke and Steve Holzkamper went up in smoke, both in turn 4.


This would set up a green,white, checkered finish. As the green was shown Wheeler ducked inside Davenport in a try for second. In a battle for the final transfer spot, Randy Timms got by Chris Henigan, but Henigan fought back to get the final spot while Rasmussen was taking the checkers.


A-qualifier(top 12 to A-main)

1. 31j Jeremy Rasmussen, Bentonville, Ark.

2. 7D Heath Davenport, Yedville, Ark.

3. 88 Chad Wheeler, Muskogee, Ok.

4. 34 Justin Ingalls, Longview, Tx.

5. 15 Larry Campbell, Van Buren, Ark.

6. 21 Chris Brown, Cleveland, Tx.

7. 87 Billy Melton, Longview, Tx.

8. 05 Michael Robertson, Minden, La.

9. 727 Glen Hibbard, Euless, Tx.

10. 10w George White, Ft Worth, Tx.

11. 125 Scott Green, Durby, Ark.

12. 101 Chris Henigan, Marshall, Tx.




The Modified B-qualifier saw Randy Timms get out front first with former USAC Silver Crown Champion, Paul White on his heels as the field ran three and four wide behind them. Johnny Fennewald, Derick Grigsby and Blaine Shives tangled in turn 4 to bring out the yellow early on lap 2. On the restart White and Mickey Lassiter were side by side for second, with Steve Holzkamper trying to split the pair. Jason Teague moved in to make almost a four wide scrap for second.


Holzkamper got by White on lap 5 leaving him wheel to wheel with Lassiter, as Teague and Dennie Gieber closed in. White and Lassiter made contact slowing the progress of both. Jeff Turner brought out the caution on lap 8 when he stopped in turn 4. Holzkamper was trying the high side of Timms when yellow waved again after Scott Phillips stalled on track. Holzkamper again looked high on Timms as green waved, with White looking low.


Holzkamper snagged the lead on lap 9, with Teague getting by White for third. John Allen was working his way forward grabbing fifth on lap 10. Holzkamper eased away from Timms, while Allen caught Teague for third. On the last lap Gieber joined that fight for third while Holzkamper was taking the checkered flag.


B-qualifier(Top 8 to back of A-qualifier)

1. 5H Steve Holzkamper, Gentry, Ark.

2. 5t Randy Timms, Wheatland, Tx.

3. 117 Jason Teague, Tahlequah, Ok.

4. 98 John Allen, Chanute, Kan.

5. 16 Dennie Gieber, Dwight, Kan.

6. 2 Paul White, Temple, Tx.

7. 341 Mickey Lassiter, Piedmont, Ok.

8. 86 Brian Franz, Holstead, Kan.




Timothy Culp got the lead from row 2 of the first C-qualifier, with Billy Robinson moving along side on lap 1. Blaine Shives got by Robinson for second as the pack raced 4-wide in a scramble for positions. Shives and Robinson continued their fight for second after a restart, while Jeff Turner and Jeff Autry battled for fourth.


Shives ducked inside Culp and took the lead on lap 10. Shives and Culp then motored away from the field while Turner and Autry continued to slug it out for the final transfer spot. Shives comfortably took the win, with Turner edging out Autry for fourth and the trip to the B-qualifier.


Modified C-qualifier #1(top 4 to B-qualifier)

1. 571 Blaine Shives, McKinney, Tx.

2. c8 Timothy Culp, Monroe, La.

3. 01x Billy Robinson, Shreveport, La.

4. 14 Jeff Turner, Seagoville, Tx.




In C-qualifier #2, J P Dowell was first into turn 1 to get lead from the pole. As the top four sorted out single file, the rest of the pack were bumping and banging, two and three wide. Yellow waved on lap 2 when Jeremy Chambers, Sonny Canatella, Travis Penrod and Erik Scott got together in turn 4. on the restart John Allen got by Grant Junghans for second.


Dowell and Allen then crept away, while Derek Knowles, Sam Cox and Jason Armstrong battled for fourth. On a restart, Dowell suffered a flat left rear surrendering the lead to Allen on lap 8. Allen began to pull ahead of Grigsby in second with Triston Dycus, Cox and Armstrong three wide for fourth. Allen took the win by a easy margin, as Dycus got by Knowles for third.


C-qualifier #2

1. 98K John Allen, Chanute, Kan.

2. 69 Derick Grigsby, Marshall, Tx.

3. 2T Tristan Dycus, Carrolton, Tx.

4. 27 Derek Knowles, Humble, Tx.



Modified heat winners

1. 60 William Gould, Broken Bow, Ok.

2. 31j Jeremy Rasmussen, Bentonville, Ark.

3. 21 Chris Brown, Cleveland, Tx.

4. 7D Heath Davenport, Yedville, Ark.

5. 125 Scott Green, Durby Kan.

6. 34 Jason Ingalls, Longview, Tx.

7. 10W George White, Ft Worth, Tx.

8. 87 Billy Melton, Longview, Tx.

9. 15 Larry Campbell, Van Buren, Ark.

10. 88 Chad Wheeler, Muskogee, Ok.

11. 727 Glen Hibbard, Euless, Tx.

12. 101 Chris Henigan, Marshall, Tx.

13. 05 Michael Robertson, Minden, La.

14. 33R Mike Roach, Woodard, Ok.

15. 1* Casey Jordan, Grand Saline, Tx.

16. 222 Ronnie Neal, Whitehouse, Tx.

17. 41 Monte Bolton, Lubbock, Tx.

18. 117p Brendan Poole, Woodland, Tx.

19. 176 Morgan Bagley, Alvarado, Tx.

20. 3B Brad Worley, Houston Tx.




Anderson is A #1 in SUPR Late Model Finale

John Anderson started on the pole, took the lead on lap 1 and from there it was all over but battle for second. The Nebraska native, led from green to checkers to take home the top prize in the 22-car SUPR Late Model Championship feature event.


At the drop of the green,Anderson showed his strength grabbing the point going into turn 1. Wendall Wallace followed in second with two and three wide racing in the pack. Last year's winner, Rob Litton saw his troubles continue after he looped his mount in turn 2, but was able to keep going. Anderson and Wallace then eased away from Keith Craft, Ray Moore jr and Allen Tippen.

Friday night feature winner Kelly Boen, made his way into the top ten on lap 5 after being relegated to one of the last chance qualifiers to make the show. Tippen got around Moore on lap 6 for fourth,while Wallace was putting some heat on Anderson for the lead. NASCAR Veteran, Ken Schrader got tagged by Billy Melton on lap 7 and spun around.


On the restart, Anderson jumped into a big lead, while Boen picked up another spot going by Delbert Smith for ninth. A lap later Boen grabbed eighth from Charles Randolph, but his progress would stall there for many laps. Anderson and Wallace built a full straightaway lead over Craft, Tippen and Moore by lap 13 until Billy Melton brought out the caution on lap 14 to rebunch the field.


Anderson and Wallace again took off on green with Tippen getting by Craft for third. At the halfway point it was Anderson, Wallace, Tippen, Craft and Moore in the top five. In the pack Jon Mitchell got past Randolph for sixth, leaving Boen looking low for a way around Randolph too. Tippen began to slowly reel in the lead duo on lap 25 with Mitchell taking fifth from Moore.


With ten laps to go, the lead trio caught the back of field with everyone running the same line. The top three maintained their lead of nearly a half track on Craft despite being slowed by traffic. Boen finally picked off another position taking seventh from Randolph with five to go.


Just as looked like Anderson would be an easy victor, Patrik Daniel pulled up lame in turn 3 to bring out a yellow and set up a five lap shoot-out to the finish. Once back to green, Anderson jumped ahead, while Boen was looking low on Moore for sixth. Anderson got a 8-car margin, leaving Wallace and Tippen to battle for second. As the checkers waved for Anderson in the Shop Quick Racing, Pat and Greg Junghans, Quality Tire, Jim Rowe Auto, Marcorp Electric, Jay Dickens Motors, Mastersbilt Chassis by Ronnie Stuckey, Tippen eked by Wallace at the line by about six inches to snare second.

“A win at this event is huge!” replied Anderson. “ It’s a lot of hard work from all my guys. We had a good draw in the heat and it(the car) was pretty fast. We got to start on the pole and under these conditions it worked out well for us. This is a new car for us to try. I haven’t driven a car of this type before. We took some good notes in practice and put a set up in it that worked out”

“I kept an eye out for Kelly(Boen). He’s a good friend of mine. We travel all over the place and I saw what he did in the Last Chance Qualifier. I knew he’d be tough. Wendall Wallace was behind us and he’s always tough, too. So I knew I had my work cut out for me. I just tried to hit my marks and get through the corners.”

“When you’re leading you really don’t know how hard to push it. My guys were telling me that I had a little lead. When we ran up on the lap cars that was the tricky part. During the last five laps I told myself I wasn’t going to losing the race and did everything I could to get the win. I don’t have much tire left right now.”


SUPR 40 Late Model A-main

1. 2 John Anderson, Omaha, Ne.

2. 71a Allen Tippen, Minden, La.

3. 88w Wendall Wallace, Batesville, Ark.

4. 8c Keith Craft, Arkadelphia, Ark.

5. 5 Jon Mitchell, Nash, Tx.

6. 07 Kelly Boen, Henderson, Colo.

7. 93 Ray Moore, Shreveport, La.

8. 99 Ken Schrader, Fenton, Mo.

9. 88R Ronnie Warman, Wichita, Kan.

10. 23 Howard Willis, Dayton, Tx.

11. c28 Kenny Merchant, Ruston, La.

12. 6x Rob Litton, Alexandria, La.

13. 9R Charles Randolph, Muskogee, Ok.

14. R25 Ryan Plaisance, Marrero, La.

15. 92 Delbert Smith, Wichita, Kan.

16. 75 Patrik Daniel, Wills Point, Tx.

17. 12m Billy Melton, Longview, Tx.

18. 11c Jeff Chandler, Minden, La.

19. 4x Brock Williams, Denham Springs, La.

20. 12D Scott Drake, Webb City, Mo.

21. 21 Lee Davis, Greenwood, La.

22. 91b Shawn Brassfield,



In the first of the SUPR Late Model Last Chance Qualifiers, Kelly Boen, who got taken out by a lap car while leading his heat, had the crowd on their feet. Boen boldly rocketed around the high side to go from the sixth row to lead in the first lap. Ken Schrader tried to battle door to door with Boen for a lap, but Boen using the high side in turns 1-2 and the bottom in turns 3-4 secured the top spot and left the field in his dust.


2005 TMS winner, Garrett Durrett and Ronny Adams battled for fourth as Boen and Schrader inched away. Jason Ingalls squeezed Durrett into a brush with the front stretch wall giving Adams a run on both to grab third in the late laps. Up front no one had anything for Boen as he bagged the win and the transfer with Schrader taking second and moving on to the A-main.


SUPR Last Chance #1(top 2 to A-main)

1. 07 Kelly Boen, Henderson, Colo.

2. 99 Ken Schrader, Fenton, Mo.



Last Chance Qualifier #2 saw Donald Watson get the lead early on the first try, then again on the second after Philip Herdon stalled on the initial attempt. Watson and Patrik Daniel began to pull away from Todd Doty, 2006 TMS winner, Rob Litton and Devane Hillman. Bubba Mullins moved to battle with that trio, that at one time was three wide for third.


Litton broke free of that fight and began to run down the lead duo. On lap 7 Watson and Daniel were side by side, with Litton on their tails. Daniel got by Watson on lap 8, with Litton in hot pursuit. Daniel led lap 9, but Litton made quick work of the leader to grab the point on lap 10. From there Litton would roll on to snare the win, while Daniel took the other transfer spot.


Last Chance #2

1. 6x Rob Litton, Alexandria, La.

2. 75 Patrik Daniel, Wills Point, Tx.

SUPR Late Model heats(top three finishers)

1. 5 Jon Mitchell, c28 Kenny Merchant, 88R Ronnie Warman

2. 2 John Anderson, 4x Brock Williams, 11c Jeff Chandler

3. 91b Shawn Brassfield, 8c Keith Craft, 92 Delbert Smith

4. 88 Wendall Wallace, 23 Howard Willis, 9R Charles Randolph

5. 71 Allen Tippen, 12 Billy Melton, 12I Jason Ingalls

6. 93 Ray Moore jr, 12D Scott Drake, 91 Donald Watson

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