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Pro Cuts Tx World Dirt Track Championship Fri. full results/stories

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Ft. Worth, Tx.(March 2, 2007) Once again this year's event outdid the previous years with the Modified car count at 209 registered drivers, and 54 SUPR Late Models. Drivers from 10 states in the Modified class and 5 in SUPR Late Models signing in for a record breaking two-day show on the 4/10 mile, semi-banked dirt track, within shouting distance of the big speedway.


Qualifying in the Modifieds was determined by heats, C and B Qualifiers to set the field for the 28 car A-qualifier which would send the top 12 to Saturday night's Championship race. The SUPR used their traditional passing points system in the heats, taking the top 16 car. Two last chance qualifiers and two provisionals would finish setting the 22 car A-main.


Boen Best in SUPR Bash

Colorado's Kelly Boen proved that his 2005 win was no fluke as he once again made his way to the Winner's Circle in the 20 lap SUPR Late Model A-main. Boen was forced to start sixth row inside after the heat race, but quickly made his way through the middle of 22-car field. After two laps Boen had jumped to the top five and was challenging for the lead on lap 6. Once past early leader, Justin Ingalls, Boen motored away from the pack taking the win by a comfortable margin.


Justin Ingalls and Dewayne Hottinger led the field to green, with Ju. Ingalls first into turn 1. NASCAR star, Ken Schrader charged up to fourth from his row four starting spot. Hottinger began looking on the high side to get by Ju. Ingalls, while Schrader got by Delbert Smith for fourth. The yellow waved on lap 2 when 2006 TMS winner, Rob Litton got into Jon Mitchell sending him around in turn 2.


On the restart, Boen moved along side Smith for fifth and got by both Smith and Schrader for fourth on lap 3. Boen wasted little time getting the best of John Anderson for third on lap 4, then past Hottinger on lap 5 for second. While Wendall Wallace and Smith battled side by side for sixth, Boen was was looking for a way around Ju. Ingalls.


Boen got the top spot on lap 7 and began to increase his lead. Hottinger and Anderson moved by Ju. Ingalls on lap 8 for second and third. As the crossed flags were shown, it was Boen pulling away from Hottinger, Anderson, Ju. Ingalls and Schrader. Lap 13 saw Garrett Durrett and Jeff Chandler bang wheels causing Chandler to slow with a flat tire. As Chandler began to roll to a stop, the caution was out.


Boen got a quick five car length lead on green, while Schrader got under Ju. Ingalls and Smith for fourth. As the race wound down, Boen's margin over Hottinger grew to over a four second advantage as the white flag waved. At the checkers it was the Henderson, Colorado, Boen taking the victory in his Roadrunner, Peterson Fuel Systems, AFCO Racing Products, Rocket Chassis powered by a Jack Cornett motor. The win was the second for Boen on the TMS Dirt Track.


"You have to fight for every spot and every inch," said Boen. "I was using a part of the track that no one else was running. I was lucky to be able to bend the car, keep it on the bottom and get under some of these guys. I didn't do the job in the heat and had to start in the sixth row. When they shortened the race I was real intent on having a good start, keeping the car clean and working as hard as I could to see the front."

"I brought a car sinilar to the one I won with in 2005. I don't know if that set-up helped, but running here before helped me with car selection. We seem to have a car that works good here. It's fun to come here and see all the people. We don't have anything like this in Colorado. Racing around this facility and seeing all the people in the stands is really, really special to me. We always have fun coming here. Win, lose or draw, we make the most of it."

"I have another good shot to win tonight, if we can run as good as we did tonight, have a consistant car and stay out of trouble. We're going to enjoy ourselves one way or the other. You have to have some luck to win a race like this too."

"My girlfriend works hard to help keep us racing. She's not here this weekend and I miss that. Doug Hoffman, Greg Lee and the guys that come to the shop are a big help in keeping the car on the track and running good. Mark Richards from Rocket Chassis personally helped me with this car. I guess I owe him a phone call, now."


SUPR A-main

1. 07 Kelly Boen, Henderson, Colo

2. 65 Dewayne Hottinger, Bentonville, Ark

3. 2 John Anderson

4. 99 Kenny Schrader, Fenton, Mo.

5. 88w Wendall Wallace

6. 93 Ray Moore

7. L8 Justin Ingalls, Longview, Tx.

8. R5 Kyle Cummings

9. 92 Delbert Smith

10. 9R Charles Randolph

11. 23 Howard Willis, Dayton, Tx.


In Last Chance Qualifier #1, Kenny Merchant jumped out to the lead, with Kyle Cummings and Ronnie Warman side by side for second. Cummings caught Merchant near halfway and grabbed the lead on lap 8. Merchant continued to fade as Warman, Ronny Adams and Brock Williams got by. The lead group caught heavy traffic in finals laps as they diced through slower cars. At the checkers it was Cummings and Warman taking the transfer spots.


1. R5 Kyle Cummings

2. 88R Ronnie Warman


Chris Brown got the point in Last Chance Qualifier #2, while Howard Willis, Keith Craft and William Gould fought it out for second. Brown built a huge a lead at halfway and was on cruise control as headed to the checkers. Brown took the win ahead Craft, but failed post race tech with unapproved tires. This moved Craft and Willis into the top two spots.


1. 8c Keith Craft

2. 23 Howard Willis

** Chris Brown--DQ, illegal tires was first


SUPR Late Models Heats(Top 3 finishers)

1. 8 Justin Ingalls, 21 Lee Davis, 99 Ken Schrader

2. 92 Delbert Smith, 11c Jeff Chandler, 88R Ronnie Warman

3. 65 Dewayne Hottinger, 8K Jason Bodenheimer, 58K Garrett Durrett

4. 5 Jon Mitchell, 88w Wendall Wallace, 9R Charles Randolph

5. 2 John Anderson, 07 Kelly Boen, 12D Scott Drake

6. 6x Rob Litton, 93 Ray Moore, 1A Ronny Adams






Willis Whips 'Em in Modified Main.

Houston area hotshoe, Howard Willis showed his strength from the drop of the green in the 28-car, 20 lap Modified main. The veteran, Willis, got the jump on polesitter Johnny Virden and it was all over but the crying. Willis pulled away early and even with a late race caution Virden was unable to mount a challenge cruised on to a fairly easy win.


On the first try for a start Ken Couch got turned around in mid-pack, with several cars barely missing his stalled out car. Willis got a good jump on the second start, while the pack battled two and three wide. By lap 2 the top eight had sorted out single file and were putting distance on the rest of the group. Lap 5 saw a four wide battle in mid pack for 15th, as the lead trio began stretching out.


At halfway the top five were Willis, Virden, Clyde Dunn, Wes Armstrong and Tim Clonch. Gary Clark moved past former IMCA National Champion, Henry Witt jr. on lap 12 to pick up a top ten spot. Jamie Burford was another man on a mission as he got by Nathan Mayes and Greg Skaggs for seventh after coming out of the B-main.


Caution waved on lap 16 when Neal Debord and Keith Craft got tangled in turn 4, this would be as close as Virden would get. When green waved Willis got a big jump on Virden while Burford tried to get by Eric Turner for sixth. As those two battled, Skaggs got into the fight getting under Burford as the ran wheel to wheel. As the white waved Willis had a good margin on Virden taking the checkers easily in his T&T Motors, Day Motorsports, Flynn Racing, The Driving School, DirtWorks Chassis.


**I’ll find Howard Saturday afternoon for a quote**


Modified A-main(Top 12 to Sat. Championship)

1. 1x Howard Willis, Dayton, Tx.

2. 1v Johnny Virden

3. 88xxx Clyde Dunn, Sunnyvale, Tx.

4. 5a Wes Armstrong, Marshall, Tx.

5. 88x Tim Clonch, Quinlan, Tx.

6. 99T Eric Turner, Hermitage, Mo.

7. 19x Jamie Burford, Keatchie, La.

8. 27s Greg Skaggs, Bixby, Ok.

9. 4G Gary Clark, Walker,Mo.

10. 115 Nathan Mayes, Springdale, Ark.

11. 701 Henry Witt, Waco, Tx.

12 5R Sean Jones, Mansfield, Tx.




In the mad scramble for the final A-qualifier transfer spots, Troy Taylor grabbed the point on the swecond attempt, with Jeremy Tibben, Brad Worley and Chase Allen third wide for second. The top four separated out leaving a fierce 8-car struggle for fifth through eighth. Worley saw his trip to the 'A' go away when he broke and pulled off mid-race.


Tibben, Jeff Turner and Jamie Burford ran three wide for fourth while Lyle Sheppard and Larry Campbell battled for eighth. Allen challenged Taylor for lead after a restart, but Taylor held the lead and would go on to the win, with two and three wide battling behind the front dou.


Modified B-qualifier(Top 8 to back of A)

1. 56 Troy Taylor,

2.76 Chase Allen, Alvarado, Tx.

3.19x Jamie Burford, Keatchie, La.

4.125 Scott Green, Durby, Kan.

5.14x Jeff Turner, Seagoville, Tx.

6.12x Lyle Sheppard, Manhatten,Kan.

7.15 Larry Campbell, Van Buren, Ark.

8.G7 Jeremy Tibben, Stanton, Iowa



At the start of the first Modified C-qualifier, Dennis Lege', Glen Hibbard, Lee Patton and Brenden Poole went four wide for the in turn 3. Poole came out with the advantage on laps 1-2. Lege' fought his way to the point on lap 3 as he inched ahead of Poole, with Hibbard and Blaine Shives side by side for third.


Poole retook the top spot on lap 4 and held it until lap 7 when Shives took it away. Shives and Paul White would stretch out their margin on field to settle the fight between themselves. As the white flag waved White and Shives were wheel to wheel for the lead. At the checkers it was the former USAC Silver Crown Champion, White eking out the victory.


1. 2 Paul White, Temple, Tx.

2. 571 Blaine Shives, McKinney, Tx.

3. 117p Brenden Poole, Woodlands, Tx.

4. 727 Glen Hibbard, Euless, Tx.



David Smith jr. quickly grabbed the lead in C-qualifier 2 leaving Chris Brown and Marc Robe to battle for second. Smith continued to ease away while Jeremy Chambers closed on Brown for second. Back in the pack Monte Bolton was charging his way to the front after starting near the tail.


With the lead trio on the run the battle for the final transfer spot heated up between Robe, Kyle Pleasant and Bolton. Smith was first to the finish, while Pleasant won the scrap for the last transfer spot.


1. 703 David Smith, Copperas Cove, Tx.

2. 21 Chris Brown, Cleveland, Tx.

3. 37 Jeremy Chambers, Oswego, Kan.

4. 6x Kyle Pleasant,


Modified Heats(Winners)

1. 1V Johnny Virden

2. 1x Howard Willis, Dayton, Tx.

3. 88xxx Clyde Dunn, Sunnyvale, Tx.

4. 5A Wes Armstrong, Marshall, Tx.

5. 591 Jerry Hoffman, Drongo, Mo.

6.88x Tim Clonch, Quinlan, Tx.

7. 4G Gary Clark, Walker, Mo.

8. 27S Greg Skaggs, Bixby, Ok.

9. 8c Keith Craft, Arkadelphia, Ark.

10. 08 Ken Couch, Midland, Tx.

11. 115 Nathan Mayes, Springdale, Ark.

12. 99T Eric Turner, Hermitage, Mo.

13. 5t Randy Timms, Wheatland, Ok.

14. 701 Henry Witt jr. Waco, Tx.

15. 5R Sean Jones, Mansfield, Tx.

16. 34 Bobby Duncan,

17. 5H Steve Holzkamper, Gentry Ark.

18. 31x Neal Debord, Amarillo, Tx.

19. 101 Chris Henigan, Marshall, Tx.

20. 88 Chad Wheeler, Muskogee, Okla.

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