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nice plug for the track


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San Antonio Speedway


It may have taken the movie Talladega Nights to get you excited about racing, but did you know we have a NASCAR track in San Antonio? It's the San Antonio Speedway, and this Saturday is their season opener.


The highlight of the evening is the Alamo 200 with the winner taking home $10,000 in cash. Saturday will be a perfect night at the races, and if you've never been, you know it's a lot of fun.


From all the traditional NASCAR stuff like fast cars, crashed cars and beer, San Antonio Speedway has something for everyone. Check it out.


Click here to get more information or call 210-628-1499.


nice plug for the track in the sa ole section on woai.com.............good to see the track getting some notice on the local news sites........would have liked to see the shelly / cyber bob race, but stuck at work........they also may not want to add the nascar plugs in the story, since sas dropped the sanction........but it is good to see sas getting some love from the local stations finally..........great job to all involved.

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Both WOAI-TV and FOX 29 have been doing quite a lot of coverage. It shouldn't surprise anyone that we're spending most of our advertising dollars on those two TV stations. They tell me that advertising and news coverage aren't related, but I'm confident there's a connection.


Regarding the comment about NASCAR, I also caught that slip of the tongue on Thursday morning. Although NASCAR wasn't mentioned in any of our press releases, Shelly remembered it from last year's story. I corrected it with her when she was at the track yesterday, and I didn't hear her mention it today.


I thought the WOAI did an awesome job on the story this morning. They frequently displayed our track hotline telephone number, and our telephone logs reflected a lot of calls during the show.


And now WOAI is running a banner ad on the top of their home page on WOAI.com that links to the SAS website.

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Deb will you be at the track tonight and if so, where at so I can turn in my registration forms for this season? Also I hope cash is ok... please let me know soon or give me a call on my cell (210-387-3080) if you can please I am heading straight from work to the track to watch the practices....





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