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Relay For Life Team Kevin's Pit Crew


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It is now time to make those donations. So please send in your donations to

Checks are to be made out to American Cancer Soceity

Kevin's Pit Crew

c/o Richard and Dorothy Suberg

4411 Gardendale Apt 15D

San Antonio, TX 78240


or by website:


Donation website for Relay for Life, Kevin's Pit Crew


If you have any questions pleace email me at angelkev_parents@satx.rr.com


This is tax dedicable.


Thank you all in advance for your support on this.


Help us race out cancer. We want to red flag cancer, put it out of the race.


Help me raise money for the American Cancer Society.



NOTE: We are also still looking at wanting to car's to come out the the relay event. If you would like to be a part of this please contact me at angelkev_parents@satx.rr.com

The event information is:

We would need the cars from 4pm - 9pm

May 4th @ Olmos Park


Also if you would like to join the time let me know I will get you a packet and such so you can start your fundraising.


We look forward to racing starting back up at the tracks.

God Bless,

Richard & Dorothy Suberg

Aka: the late Kevin Suberg Parents


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We have received our first donation from the racing community. Looking for more in the mail, wait have you sent in your donation yet? It's not too late to send in your donations.


Thanks again in advance for all the support. Kevin would be very proud.


Richard and Dorothy Suberg

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That is wonderful I only have space for two. I have Mona and also one of the trucks are going to try and make it. But we also need members to help out durning the evening with the walking and such. And also the fundraising that is going on. So any help we can get would be great.



Richard and Dorothy Suberg

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