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TEAM ACE-IT™ prepares for San Antonio Speedway Season Opener

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Contact: Charlie Malouff

West Coast Distribution Manager – Ace-it Polish™






TEAM ACE-IT™ prepares for San Antonio Speedway Season Opener


San Antonio, TX (February 26, 2007) –TEAM ACE-IT™ is the official racing team program for the West Coast Distribution Network for Ace-it Polish™.


TEAM ACE- IT™ will be sponsoring two drivers from the San Antonio Speedway Road Runner class during the 2007 racing season - Mona Turner and Richard Curtis. TEAM ACE- IT™ will be represented in March 3 season opener at San Antonio Speedway.


The female driver on TEAM ACE-IT™ is Mona Turner. Turner, age 45, was born in Dilly, Texas, and attended school in Pearsall. Turner lived in Moore, Texas, before moving to San Antonio, and she works as a Registered Nurse at the Cancer Therapy & Research Center. Turner humbly accepted a special award at the San Antonio Speedway/USRA banquet last Saturday – the Kevin Suberg Memorial Humanitarian Award. Turner was chosen for this award because she donated all of her 2006 race winnings to the American Cancer Society. She also dedicated much of her personal time to help promote the speedway.


When asked about her thoughts about racing, Mona said, “I’ve already been driving for two years, and I’m ready to do it again. My goal each night is to go out and have fun and put on a good show for the fans. I enjoy the interaction with the fans – they make racing exciting for me. I think I get more out of meeting the fans than they do out of meeting me. I dream, probably just like any other driver, that some day I will be able to race in the big leagues. In the meantime, I plan to just take it one day at a time and live for the moment.”

Turner credits her success in racing to her peers at the track and several other racing enthusiasts.


“I’ve been fortunate to have Vince Trietch come on board and help me out with the chassis setup and coach me on my driving style,” commented Turner. “With his help, I’ve learned so much. And many others have helped me to get where I am now. It seems like everyone at the track has helped me in some way or another. As I’ve often said, I have the biggest pit crew at the track. It consists of almost everyone there.”


Turner also feels her husband and family play an important role in her racing endeavors.


“Of course, I wouldn't even be racing if I did not have the support of my husband, Wesley Turner and my nephew, Jamie Evans,” added Turner. “I have to give the actual credit to J. W. Mason for even getting me to the track for the very first time. He invited Wesley and me to go watch his son, Tator Mason, race at San Antonio Speedway. We took him up on the invitation, and we immediately became racing junkies.”


Someday Turner hopes to take care of her race car on her own. “I want to be able to do all the mechanical work and maintenance of my car myself,” said Turner. “My husband already works hard to keep up with the three cars on the team. I‘d love to be able to ease his load by taking care of my own car. I’m almost there. There are only a few things that I can’t do all by myself.”


Turner shared her goals for the upcoming season.


“My dream is to continue to have fun and see where it leads me,” commented Turner. “When it’s no longer fun, it will be time to get out of the driver’s seat. I try to use my racing as a platform to express my interest in other areas. For example, all of my race winnings from last year went to the American Cancer Society. From being a surgical/ICU nurse and working with cancer patients, I’ve personally seen the benefits of the American Cancer Society.”


Turner added, “I haven’t chosen a charity to support this year as of yet. I’m still thinking about it. I’m leaning quite heavily on the Mexico Ministries. It’s an organization that goes deep into Mexico and offers free health care. This group also shares teachings from the Bible in the small villages. I’ve already volunteered my services on this mission trip in the past, and I’ve found it to be very rewarding. The citizens of the villages are so grateful. Mexico Ministries travels to Mexico twice a year – once in the summer for two weeks and then again at Christmas for one week. Many surgeries are performed in this short amount of time.”


Turner enjoys spending time with her family and friends – doing whatever. “I like to go camping, fishing, water skiing, scuba diving and bowling,” said Turner. “I also want to learn to sky dive before I get to old to remember to pull the rip cord,” joked Turner. She added, “Racing of some sort has always been in my blood. I grew up around the rodeo arena. I was a barrel racer and even tried my hand at roping. I was very involved in 4-H while growing up – raising chickens, sheep and pigs.”


Turner knows she can also count on her family for their support in the grandstands each week. “My loyal fans in the stands each week are my dad, Clyde Salzman, and my mother-in-law, Bobbie Turner,” commented Turner. “My mom, Wanda Ross and my two brothers all live out of state and keep up with my racing accomplishments by visiting the San Antonio Speedway website. And, quite often, some of the patients I’ve helped have come out to the track and cheered for me on race night.”


In addition to her role as a race car driver, Turner also holds a commercial driver’s license and has hauled oversized loads all over the United States.


Turner was the 2005 Women On Wheels Champion, and she also won the 2005 Oktober'FAST' Women On Wheels feature race. In her first year of racing in the San Antonio Speedway Road Runner class, Turner finished fifth the season points’ race.


Turner will be driving her #19 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, starting with the San Antonio Speedway season opener on March 3. She will be supported by her Crew Chief, Wesley Turner, and her Pit Crew members - Wesley Turner, Bobby Evans and Barbara Evans. Turner’s sponsors include Sherwin-Williams Automotive Paint Division, Wes & Mom Trucking, Boehle Signs & Graphics, Wesley's Transmissions, Alamo Performance and Kotzur Racing Engines.


Marco Elizondo, the local Ace-it Polish™ Distributor, will be on hand to give away TEAM ACE-IT™ t-shirts in the Turner pit area following the March 3 race. To contact Elizondo, call 210-336-1244.


Ace-it Polish™ is a professional detailing polish and the distribution network. TEAM ACE-IT™ is looking forward to shining in the Winner’s Circle.

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