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Clarification about March 31 TSRS Event at THR

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Just a little clarification on the TSRS Race Weekend Schedule recently sent out for the NASCAR Grand National Event:


Saturday, March 31

TSRS Final Hauler Parking & Registration 8:00 am-8:45 am (You will not be allowed to compete, if not in by 8:45 am)


Note: This is referring to those that just could not make it to the track on Friday to park their haulers or those that leave on Friday with their haulers.


All TSRS haulers must be parked and inside before Saturday 8:45 am, no exceptions! This is a last chance opportunity for Saturday's event.


This does not mean the driver has to personally be there by this 8:35 cutoff, this is for parking the haulers.



Mary Ann Naumann

Texas Super Racing Series - the Late Models!



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