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2007 racing update


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Hey Race Fan,


It has been awhile, but we are still kicking and it is too cold tonight to work in the garage, so I decided to write an update.


Things have been progressing, very slowly..


We finally started the car this week. Picture this.


It is pitch dark, the streets have water on them, you are sitting in a car with no seat belts, no lights, sketchy brakes, and a brand new engine that has never been fired up.. What do you do? Ask for your Helmet! To top that off, we were pushing it with my Honda street car.


I rushed home to find Dusty already in the garage working. I quickly changed my clothes and joined him. Since this was the first time we had fuel in the system, we wanted to make a fuel stick with graduated marks for each gallon. Well pouring from a 5 gallon jug into a bleach bottle and then transferring that into the tank got to be messy. Pretty soon fuel gushed out of the pickup line that we had disconnected from the pump. Now there was fuel all over the garage floor while we were trying to finish up and get this thing started before nightfall.


All the prep work paid off and the engine roared to life with no big problems. A few sputters and it was on it's way! We pushed the car off on my street and stopped down by the railroad tracks. We set the timing and warmed everything up while looking for leaks. The engine sounds crisp!


The fuel pump leaked. So we came home and began replacing the pump. Next day, I got home first and we went through the same ordeal again except this time it was daylight. You guessed it, the second pump leaked too. I have got to send them off to be rebuilt.


As you can see, we have the frame silver and probably are going to paint the body a blue metallic. I went to the paint store today to check on what it would cost, etc. Last chance if anyone wants to or has contacts for a paint job. We are painting it next week.


So far this year, we have Lubrication Engineers signed up and paid for, so they will definitely be on the car. Pro Racer Supply will definitely be on the car because the guy has saved me a ton of money on parts to put this new car together always with super service. If you are not using him, you are wasting money. Send me an email for more info. Looks like our deal with DedWeb Designs is going to continue. If you need web hosting, I don't think my site has missed a beat since it went up. I also have verbal confirmations from Scott Brock of Kay's Magic Quilts and Steve Cardwell of Brenco Industrial Services.


We have been pretty busy since about November building the engine and then the car for this year, so I haven't had much time to go out and chase deals. On that front, we are behind, but heck I am rich, right?!?! There is an old saying (some of you racers already know this one) How do you make a small fortune in racing? Answer= Start with a big one! I can certainly confirm that!



Season opens March 31st.

We will be there.. will you?


Check the track's website at www.devilsbowl.com to find out when you can get in FREE based on the city you live in.


Also, the Spring Nationals will be on March 16th and 17th. This is an ASCS race and our cars will not be there.


See you at the checkered flag.


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