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THR Super Stock Rules Clarification

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THR Super Stock 07 Rule Clarification:


First off, this was not a rule change, it was a clarification, in the 07 Rule book for the Super Stocks, the rule referring to shocks, it was clarified as the technology of racing parts change. The intent of the rule was for OEM type racing shocks to be used. After much discussion since Saturday a week ago, even though there were some valid points brought out, we, the THR Management Team & Officials, including me, Terry Barden, THR Competition Director, and our Director of Tech/Pit Operations are all still in agreement that the revalvable shocks should not be allowed. The cost is too much for this type of race car.


We feel that the rule is written correctly, just possibly overlooked by some. We apologize for any confusion that may have taken place for anyone involved with running in the THR Super Stock Class. We appreciate all of those that have taken the time to give us your valuable input. Please feel free to list any of those shocks on our THR website, as there are other tracks and series that are allowed to run these type of shocks, drop an email to Bob Young our webmaster @ bobyoung@austin.rr.com he will be happy to list those under parts for sale.



Terry Barden

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