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White 36 with green letters is Curt Clegg's dad, Sometimes Curt drove it.


White 26 is Charlie Holliday.


White 78 is Doc Baber


Black 93 is Dennis Taylor


Yellow 81 is Greg Spreen. This car is currently #22, driven by John Kleuer

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Pretty sure the 39 is Chrudimsky and that car was later owned by my Dad who raced it in the TAMS series. Thats pretty cool, can't say Ive seen a picture of that car before we had it.

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WOW!!!! Those pictures bring back so many memories. I was very lucky to be able to drive the car that Barry Codlin owned. John Heil and Chris Swenson also drove before i did.I was very fortunate to be able to drive it one year at october fast, i had never driven a mod. before, and finished 5th

it was one of the most exciting times for me driving in a racecar.


Thanks Barry for letting me have fun!

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Let's see. This is what we have so far. Let's finish the list and correct any boo boos..


00 Corey O'Brien sp?


3 Mike Williams




17 Wayne Norrell


21 Barry Codling


25 Jamie McMurray


26 Charlie Holliday


29 Fowler


30 John Heil


36 Curt Clegg's dad


39 Mark Chrudimsky


48 Chris Swenson


59 Denny Burton


78 Greg "Doc" Baber


81 Greg Spreen


83 Dennis Taylor?


88 Walt H. ?


93 Dennis Taylor


93Q J.R. Hand


99 Kris Rye ?

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the 83 looks like one of dennis taylors cars


and the 99 might be kris rye but im not sure


9 looks like one of the cars that came down from colorado. there was another car that came down from colorado it was a green number 8 and it was bad fast. i think his name was larry hunter.


also remember seein mark chrudimsky turn that black car into a fireball goin into turn 3. looked almost like the jet truck they used to run on the drag strip

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