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Congrats to Texas Terry


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I just wish he knew how many people "back home in Texas" were standing and hooping and hollering those last few laps. The neighbors must've thought we hit the lottery over here.


Taking the checkered around the track for that victory lap. Priceless.


Seeing the emotion in those eyes in Victory Lane. Just as priceless.


Congrats to one of the best. He deserved it today. Way to go Texas Terry!!!!





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WAY TO GO TERRY !!!!!!!!!!! :D I'ts been way tooooooo long to see him in Victory Lane... No one deserved to win this last Labor Day weekend race at Darlington more then.... Texas Terry ;) I have never known a driver that is so humble, respected by his fellow drivers, and a clean "pass them if you got what it takes" and if you don't you don't "take them out to win"!!!!


It brought tears to my eyes when he almost couldn't hold back the tears in

Victory Lane... :(

I saw Bobby win in Darlington 2 years ago... I just wish I could've been there today.. :( Guess I'll just have to wait till next year and see him win at TMS !!!!!!!!!!! :P:D Way to go Texas Terry !!!!!!!!!!!

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