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TPS Rules Exceptions for Corpus Christi Cars

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Texas Pro Sedans



Neil Upchurch

Race - Administrative Director

c/o 3222 Leyte Drive

San Antonio, TX.78217-4018

210/ 655-3222 Phone & Fax

210/ 365-3221 Cell Phone



San Antonio, TX (January 29, 2007) - Texas Pro Sedans Series Race and Administrative Director, Neil Upchurch has announced that "In order to level the playing field for C.C. Speedway Thunder cars who wish to accept an open invitation to compete in any Texas Pro Sedan Series races during the 2007 season, the following rules exceptions will apply to C.C. Speedway cars. CCS & Texas Minis will be accepted provided in compliance with their 2007 Mini Stock rules with the following upgrade optional exceptions”.


CCS cars may use:


- TPS 13” Hoosier Racing Tires or their CCS DOT tires


- After-market suspension parts


- Lock drive wheels


These exceptions are subject to post race change(s).


- All drivers must comply with TPS rule to receive scanner channel on 154.570 MHz


- All drivers must be either a one race TPS member ($20) or full season ($60)


- All cars must pass conventional safety inspection.


- All drivers must file a TPS race entry before their first race ($50).


The first 2007 Texas Pro Sedan Series race will be held at San Antonio Speedway on Saturday, March 3.The TPS purse is projected to exceed $4,000 with $500 guaranteed to the winner. The event will include 2 laps of qualifying time trials and a 25 lap Feature Race on the ½ mile, 19 degree high banked SAS asphalt track. The March 3 feature event will be a 200 lap ASA Late Model Series race plus the four SAS racing classes.

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