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Houston Allison Series - Randy Andersen "New Director"


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Randy Andersen has taken over stewardship of the Allison Series for the Houston Area.

Randy has been greatly involved with the Allison cars since their arrival in Houston. He is a key individual at HMP and oversees the technical aspects of most the series racing there. His technical knowledge of these cars is unmatched and he has always been there to help. He cares greatly for our series and wants to help elevate it back to its rightful place as "the race to see" at HMP.


We said for a year that we wanted to be represented and have the level of commitment we have enjoyed in the past with Gary Poole running the series. Well now we have it ! We could not have gotten a person with more commitment to racing, HMP, and the allison cars. Randy will do his part and I hope all those that can, will get their car dusted off and to the track.


Need Parts? Want to discuss the series? visit www.texaslegacymotorsports.com.


Welcome aboard Randy !


lets get back to enjoying the competitive, well organized, racing we have come to love.

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