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TV Cameraman Taping at THR Saturday


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Brian Callaway and Jon Garrett have arranged for a professional TV cameraman to videotape the races for ARTS trucks, Late Models, Street Stock and Hobby Stock at Thunder Hill on Saturday and do some interviews with drivers.

The purpose of the taping is to provide both THR and ARTS Lone Star with video footage in a professional format suitable for use by cable and broadcast TV. (The first question the TV sports guys ask when you approach them about a story is, "Do you have any videotape?")

The footage will also be available to THR and ARTS Lone Star for use in producing TV commercials and for use with a VCR and TV set at public events promoting the track or the series.

Drivers can purchase tapes for their own use for creating sponsor promos and for use in public appearances with the car or driver.

Brian and Jon are doing this to give us more tools to promote racing in Texas. I hope a number of cars and drivers come out both to race, and to take advantage of the opportunity.

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I wonder if they got what they were looking for...


lots of dirty driving and wrecks in a couple classes.

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