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"07" TSRS-Late Models

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TSRS-Late Models

"07" Tentative Race Season Schedule


JANUARY 20 - THR, Kyle, Texas - 3rd Annual JRA Swap Meet (Rain or Shine)

JANUARY 27 - SAS, San Antonio, Texas - 1st ever Swap Meet

MARCH 1, 8, 15, 22 - THR, Kyle, Texas - Open Testing & Tuning

MARCH 3, 10, 17 - THR, Kyle, Texas - Open Testing & Tuning


MARCH 31 - Allstate Thunder & Lightning Racefest - NASCAR Grand National Division - Texas Super Racing Series-Late Models, THR, Kyle, Texas

APRIL 21- SAS, San Antonio, Texas

MAY 5 - HMP, Houston, Texas

MAY 26 - THR, Kyle, Texas

JUNE 16 - SAS, San Antonio, Texas

AUG 5 - TWS, Bryan, Texas (w/sponsor) or THR, Kyle, Texas

AUG 18 - THR, Kyle, Texas

SEPT 1 - HMP, Houston, Texas


OCTOBER 20 - HMP, Houston, Texas


OCTOBER 13 & 27 - THR RAINDATES, Kyle, Texas

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very cool............... somebody can work with everybody. maybe there should be more women owners/promoters.

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It was a pleasure working with MaryAnn and Brian from Thunder Hill, Things were looking good for USRA at Houston also but the deal didnt work out(yet) because of the different tires being used. We also had a good meeting with Mr. Yokum and Dan at CCS also, still trying to work with them.


It was alot of work and Travel by myself and Debbie Williams as we set up all the meetings with the different tracks. Of Course Terry Dickerson helped getting the meeting with Houston set up, and HE paid for all our travel to all the meeting and hotels at Thunder Hill, HMP and CCS.


We are looking for a great year in 2007, we offered TSRS 2 dates here and are glad to have them returning to SAS in 2007. WE also offered Graham at HMP to bring his PRO Late Models to SAS also, and he said that he would talk to some of his drivers and see if there interested.


And of course thanks to MaryAnn and the staff at THR for bring back USRA in 2007. Looking for alot of great racing and communication and working with the other tracks to make racing in Texas the best it can be.


Rick Day

General Manager

San Antonio Speedway


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