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knight .every one is ahead of you .i can take everything off our car and still be ahead of you . ouch that hurt .im a bad man . but youll get over it . anyone know anything aboult this darn computor . its getting realy slow today ..i know iknow the best thing that can happen is it will crash .and for some that would be nice now wouldnt it . :D

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Seriously, Knight. I was on here for 2 years talking about the car I was building that I never finished. So you've got a ways to go before you are as far behind as I was. I caught all kinds of 1134 from these guys on my unfinished car. So i got to give some back every now and then. :D


Any body have their cars ready to go/ how about some pics????


her's a pic of somebody's grandstock motor. They just need to come get it.





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Knight I'm further along than you and I sold my car. I've got a seat cover :lol::lol::lol:



LoL Thats a low blow... LoL LoL


Actually I am about to hit high gear on mine in 2 weeks and should have mine finished by first practice baring no more delays... :) :)


Income Tax money should be in bank just in time for SAS swap meet + pay day that friday + we finally got all our welding equipment tested and working... :) :) :)


All brake parts are being purchased this week and all the chassis misc items will be done except the rear end... :)


Should go quick after swap meet getting this thing ready for the last practice session before the season opener... :)


After I get my cage in and body back on I will posts some pics... Right now really not a lot to look at... LoL LOL LOL

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BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!! stapp racing is looking for a team mate , starting a second team........that's right FREE RIDE!........


sorry bros. coundn't pass it up.......just wanted to see if this would get six pages of responses as well.

looks very cool. ed is a man of all traits , smith and wesson on one hip and a sata on the other.

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