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Sorry everyone I have been at the Chili Bowl in Tulsa and have not had a chance to post info.


Banquet is this Saturday at the VFW and starts at 7:00 we will start serving the food around 7:30.


Meeting has been moved to January 27th at 2:00pm.


Schedule I am still working on I will have it ready by Meeting time.


First practice I hope will be February 11th.


First Race will be February 23rd and 24th with 2 seperate shows for the Mods, Limited Mods, and the Pure Stocks.


Hope this helps.


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I think that the rules are for the most part pretty good. Although we need a way to stop a total aniallation (sp) in a few classes. Bill Stephens for example was almost untouched in the street stock class. I admit he did nothing wrong and he deserved every win. But somehow we need to make closer racing in that class. I just don't know how to fix the issue with out hurting those who are dominating their class. We need to have 7-10 cars everyweek who might win. It makes it fun to watch and race. If their is enough cars in the class inverting the field may help. Although you could have started Bill a lap down and he probebly still would have won most of the time. I take alot of the credit too. My car was not up to parr last year. I need to make sure that I plan ahead and that my car is the best I can make it. I will not make the same mistakes again.


What about a time limit per class? Does this work anywhere? How would the points work?


On onother subject: I feel privelidged to race with the local guys here in Corpus. I have been racing for three years now and I have met only a few people that didn't make me feel welcome. We have alot of good drivers and track staff. We are really lucky to have a place to go race. I thank you guys and I look forward to next year.


Ken Hobbs

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Bill was always fast at cc .but i thought he had a dirt driveing style .and it fit right into his shoes .. ....... i know im not a dirt racer .and some of you will attack me but it is what it is .all i can say .you all have a very good and safe season .drivers and sts track .

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