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The Countdown to 1,000 has started!


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Yes, folks, that's right...


As of 6:16 a.m. this morning (Friday), Nick Holt has 984 posts..thus, he's only 16 from becoming the first 1,000-poster on TSZ!!


Hey Mr. Post-man, do you have a letter in your bag for me? :D:P:lol:

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I am not sure why anyone would make a fuss about how many posts anyone has here on TSZ. As far as I'm concerned there is no "post race" taking place here. The reason I have so many is that I serve as the moderator and thus post a whole lot of information that others graciously provide. If you took out all those posts (about two-thirds of the total) you would see that there are quite a few of us that have posted about the same amount.


But thanks for noticing.


Nick Holt

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