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I lost my best friend today....


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post-34-1168286161_thumb.jpgI lost my best friend today.....


I didn’t know it at the time but my best friend came into my life November 1990.

Neither of us knew at the time what we would mean to each other over the next 16+ years.

My friend and I quickly bonded and were each others constant companions.

We’d take walks together daily, explore new territory and became each others life mate.

She looked to me for guidance, love and knowledge, while I looked to her for the love that only a true friend can share.

In 91 we were both left behind by her original owner and she was the only reason that I was able to continue on.

Her big brown eyes are my only reason for still being here. She literally saved my life.

We were there for each other through the very thin times, but made it out alive.

We shared each others daily lives when there was no one else around.

She helped me through troubled times and only asked my love in return.

She always knew when I was down and had a sense to do something silly to make me laugh and lick the tears off my face.

I’ve never know anyone so loving, so good, so smart and so obedient.


I’ll miss her being there to greet me when I get home for work.

The smile on her face, her wagging tail, the jingling of her tags when she came running to see me.

Her big, brown, loving eyes.

The unconditional love, companionship and friendship she gave me.

Her sitting with anticipation while I made her dinner.

Being a protector and jealous if I had a lady friend around, wriggling in between us or laying across my lap.

The way she’d chase the cats, rabbits and squirrels from the yard.

Taking her for rides in the car.

The proudness in her look as she’d hang her head out the window.

Her little nose prints on my car windows.

Taking her to the park to chase the ducks.

The spark she added to my life and the will to carry on.

No one in my life has ever meant more to me than she has.


There will never be anyone in my life to love me more than she did.

I’ll never love anyone the same again, either.

Hopefully God will see that I’ve done good enough to let her and I be together one more time and meet at Rainbow Bridge.

I’ll love and miss my little Pooh Bear forever.

You will always hold a spot in my heart that no one else can enter or ever take away from me.

You’ve touched my life in more ways than you’ll ever understand.

I don’t know I’ll carry on without you.

May you rest in peace little baby dog.

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i know how you feel . sorry you lost your friend .she had friendly eyes .some poeple dont understand a persons love on an animal side .if they have never had a friend that they love that way . they have truely missed something .

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J.M. - My wife Terry and I know exactly what you going through right now. The loss a best family pet and your best friend does seem terrible at this time.


Since 1967 we have lost:

"Buttons" - a Cocker Spaniel

"Sissie" - a Schnauzer

"Honey" - a Schnauzer


The best advise we have for you is to get a puppy, as look-a-like as "Pooh Bear" as you can. That will be the best therapy you can get.


We got "Lady" - another Schnauzer and it worked very well for us.


Neil and Terry Upchurch

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Sorry for your loss Reb,


Hold your head up high and be thankful for all the great times you spent together. Know that when it is your time to knock on heaven's gate you'll have a good friend waiting there wagging her tail.



Many thoughts and prayers to you.

Mel Krauss & family.

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sorry J. ........


i love dogs more than i love most people , and that just about broke me up.

i've got 4 dogs , i'm really really tight with cecil and he's going on 14 yrs. old , everyday i try not to think about what will happen and how i will deal with it..........it just flat sucks.

- sorry buddy

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Only you could put into words they way we all feel about our pets---

I have lost several over the long years I have been blessed on this earth and

at the time its seems that there is no way to continue on--but--- knowing that

she is up there smiling down to you, you will make it OK--tuff--yes but keep

the faith and THEN go to a rescue shelter and get another one that

needs you as much as you need someone in your time of sorrows

With gods blessings all will be OK

If I can help in any way--PLEASE call me


AL Bauman

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Im so very sorry for your lose. There are no words known to man that can make you feel better. Only time will let the pain go away. I have two very old "Kids" myself and I know that soon I will be going through what you are dealing with now. And I dont know how Ill get through it. We can only love them and never forget them. I wish I could do something for you. May she rest in peace.


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So sorry for your loss. We lost our German shepherd Lucy a year ago and now we have Harley. He is Larry's constant companion. He is our soul companion. He went to the races and sat in the window of the motorhome and now we no longer have the motorhome. So I guess Harley will have to stay home. Take care and remember the wonderful times you shared together.

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New years eve 06 marked the 2 years that i have my blu/red heeler. he showed up out of no where and right away took to me like i raised him from a pup. he is a very very loyal dog, he goes to work, hunting, fishing, and vacation with me. he really is my best friend. I DONT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO IF I LOST HIM. THE AMAZING THING ABOUT THIS IS HE CAME TO ME WHILE I WAS TRYING TO COPE WITH THE LOST OF MY BEST FRIEND. I THINK MY BUDDY MIKE SENT ME THIS DOG

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Again thank you all for the messages, PM's and e-mails. It's been a very difficult 24 hours, i alomst made her dinner last night, kept waiting for her to want out before bed, left her goodies out and looked for her this morning. It been a very draining experience, mentally, physically and emotionally. I love all my racing family for their support.

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One of the best ways I have found to get over losing a good dog is adopt a new puppy. My wife didn't want to, but the empty house got to her and within 2 weeks we got a 5 week old golden retriever. We missed our old dog but the new one really picked up our spirits. Of course you could just adopt a nice Hooter Girl who owns a dog!

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Flyingaces,I believe alot in what you say and my friends think I'm dreaming stuff up.Growing up,my dad and I werent very close.He was a career army man,for 36 yrs,and spent alot of time away from home.Just as we were starting to build a relationship,he passed away from a brief illness.Funny thing was my dad hated cats with a passion.On returning home from Alabama a couple days after my dad's funeral and pulling into my drive way in Austin,we proceeded to get out of the car and my daughter goes ahead of us to unlock the front door to the house.Out of nowhere, from across the street where there happens to be a wooded area come a gray and white cat in a hast, zipping right by my wife,son,and I, and runs straight into the house.We all look at each other like "what the hay",and proceed inside the house to see what's up with this cat.Get inside and this cat is sitting on the couch like it's at home looking at us like, "Whaz Up".We check'd him for tags,no tags,everybody was petting him and he enjoyed it,wife said,wonder where he came from.I told her jokingly,you never know,it's probably my dad,he hated cats,the good lord is punishing him,guess he sent him back as a cat and he wanted to come back to texas and I'm the only family still living in Texas.So come Jan 22nd,the day we got home from burying my dad,will mark the 9th year this cat,whom is named George(after my dad) will be in my house having his way, just like dad always did.Story sounds a little or alot far fetched,but the whole family,even my mom, sure has alot of fun with it.Plus,every week there are a few days that when you go to pull in the driveway that somebody has to get out of the car to move George out of the driveway where he's laying so you can pull in.He will not move,drive right up to him,aint moving.Got to pick him up and place him in the grass.The cat does this for meaness and to ignor you,and those were two of my dad's favorite things,being mean and ignoring just to be doing it.

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Great story Tommy!


Yeah, every dog or cat I've ever spent any time around, and there have been a lot of them, each have their own personality. I guess that's what makes them so special. Heck, up 'till this thread came along, I thought I was the only "dog nut" on here. We've got two of 'um. They ARE very, very special to us.


Reb, I know your pain. :(

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