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2006 Banquet DVD's


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As many of you have found out last night JRA is Turning Many pages for 2007.. (More announcements to follow..)


We have 06 banquet DVD's from Thad. We hope everyone supports this, as we are turning the tables and supporting you too…


Cost $17.00 *includes Sales Tax.... (Previously DVD's were $20.00 per.. we negotiated a deal for the racers.)


$3 from each DVD is going to be deposited in the 2007 JRA Drivers Appreciation fund. (More to come as well)


We will even mail this DVD to you at no additional cost.


Please contact me @ 512-750-4378 or abrungot@austin.rr.com to order a copy.


Thank you

Aaron... 2007 is going to be AWESOME...




Nick hope this doesn't violate any rules.... :unsure:

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