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tonight at the THR/ TSRS awards ceromony brian calloway announced he was retiring from his involvement with THR as of the 2007 season.

i just want to say thank you brian for building THR , and for always being a friend.........even when we crossed ways you were always a friend. i hope nothing less than the best for you in any future plans and pathes you search out now.

............and thanX for everything , again.

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So does that m ake Mary Ann the sole owner/operator of THR?


I never got to meet Brian, but from what I gather, he's done a lot of good for racing in Texas.


That is apparently the case.


Brian, thanks for giving us a place to race. I hope you're not a stranger to THR in the future. Best of luck in your future endeavors.


Chase Stapp

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I know for a fact, once its in your blood, its dang near impossible to stay away from these old race tracks for very long at a time. That's why I know you'll be back out there every once in a while. My question is, when you show up, is Mary Ann gonna make you buy a ticket? :lol:

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Memo To: Brian Callaway


From: Texas Pro Sedans


Subject: Thanks


Thanks to you and Jim Lynch for building Thunder Hill Raceway in 1998.


Thanks for hosting 60 Texas Pro Sedan races at THR. Here is the list:

1998 - 4 TPS races

1999 - 6 TPS races

2000 - 9 TPS races

2001 - 8 TPS races

2002 - 8 TPS races

2003 - 7 TPS races

2004 - 6 TPS races

2005 - 7 TPS races

2006 - 5 TPS races


Thanks for the improvements you made to THR through the years.


Thanks for assembling such a good staff to administer all of the races at THR.


Thanks for inviting TPS members to all THR end of year awards dinners and presenting TPS with a recognition certificate each time.


All of TPS thanks you and wishes you well.


Thanks -


Neil Upchurch

Race & Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans


PS: Thanks to Shawn Paul Lehman for starting this topic.


PSS: Thanks to Mary Ann Naumann for agreeing to host 4 TPS races in 2007.

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