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2006 Year in review from The RCQMA President

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Friends of RCQMA;


Sorry I have not communicated since the Fall - There are many exciting things going on with our club!


You can stay in touch with us via the website at www.RCQMA.com.


Now for the highlights-


> After several years of saving our pennies, we are finally getting around to a few track upgrades – both this past year and before the racing season starts this year. Come out and join us next year and you will see a number of improvements to the facility. RCQMA celebrated 30 years old this past season, so it's always a work in process!


> We still have a test drive program in place for anyone who wants to test drive a car to see if this is something they want to do – please do contact us through the website or just call us on the phone.


> We are accepting new applications and are currently looking at early Feb to begin Novice training for this year. Details are posted on the website.


> Our club is growing in both cars and families, welcome to our newest members – the Comer's, McKinney's, & Martin's

The racing schedule for the year is expanding and will be posted in Jan – keep checking the website!


> Our partnerships with the VFW, San Antonio club, and JRA have never been better – for the first time in years we held a joint Awards Banquet with San Antonio this past November - everyone had a fantastic time and some of the kids carried off trophies bigger than they were.


> Our racers had a GREAT season last year. Several traveled North and competed well amongst 700 cars at the GrandNationals! Several of our members were awarded at the Award Banquet with REGIONAL, STATE, as well as Austin Track Awards including several CHAMPIONSHIPS at all 3 levels.


> Last years Easter Regional Monza was another one for the record books, with an Easter Egg scramble to beat all egg hunts I've ever seen. The other clubs in the Region comment year after year on how Austin is their favorite Regional race.


> We inaugurated a Halloween race into the schedule last year. It was smashing success (no pun intended) complete with night racing, pumpkins for awards, lights/haunted concession stand & trailers, great BBQ, and costume contests. It is destined to become an annual event from here forward, everyone had a fantastic and special time.


> We are working hard and starting to be successful with sponsor opportunities. If you are interested in anything like this please give us a call.


PLEASE COME OUT AND JOIN US NEXT SEASON! I've been involved in many youth sports, but this one is by far the best for family involvement & fun.



In closing, I'd like to say “THANKS” to all the wonderful people we have worked and raced with over the last 4 years. After a fantastic time in this sport, Cody and I are following the Harris' forward into Legends racing; we'll be at TMS quite a few weekends this next year. This year's VP, Russell Hand, will take over the reigns as President. I have utmost confidence in Russell and all of our other Officers, and we're not going anywhere far. We'll continue to help out as needed, & I also plan to get started on this idea I've had called RCQMA Alumni, as we have many outstanding drivers that have gone on to race professionally, and many ex-members out there who still want to be involved in this sport even though they have moved on to other endeavors. I've noticed that if you are lucky in this sport you get to do it twice, once with kids and then with grandkids!


Happy Holidays, & See You at the Track!


Wayne Iltis



RCQMA Wedsite www.RCQMA.com

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