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Tulsa Shootout Friday results


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Crawford, Wilson and Alexander Among Friday Tulsa Shootout Stars






TULSA, Okla. (December 29, 2006) – More than 1,000 racing entries from 30 different states invaded the Tulsa Expo Raceway on Friday for opening night of the 22nd Annual Tulsa Shootout presented by Brodix.




The entries consisted of more than 450 micros entries in five classes, approximately 500 entries in 13 Kart classes and over 100 entries in four Quad classes. A total of 145 Heat Races were completed over the course of the day.




In the micro portion of the action, California's Dean Alexander earned the pole position for the 600cc Multi feature over a stellar field of 130 entries. But it was a pair of Tulsa area drivers - Donnie Ray Crawford and Jerrod Wilson - that shone brightly over the course of the day.




Alexander stormed from eighth to win the first of 16 Multi heats, then climbed from sixth to second in his Qualifying Race to earn the day's most passing points and the pole starting position for Saturday night's Tulsa Shootout headline Micro feature.




Starting alongside Alexander will be Broken Arrow, Oklahoma's Crawford. Crawford roared from eighth to win the fifth and final Qualifying race, amassing enough points to earn a remarkable third front row starting position for Saturday night.




In addition to a Multi feature front row start, the third-generation shoe starts on the pole of the "A" Class main event and the front row outside of the Non-Wing event, denying the seemingly long odds of earning top-two starting positions in the three classes that featured in excess of 100 entries. While the Multis topped the charts at 130 entries, there are 123 Non-Wing competitors and 110 "A" Class contenders.




Luck of the draw put Skiatook, Oklahoma's Jerrod Wilson on the front row of each of his heats in Multi, "A" Class and Non-Wing action. Wilson posted heat race victories in all three classes, then made it a perfect four-for-four day with a Qualifying Race victory drive in the Multis. Wilson starts third in the Multi feature and 11th in the "A" Class finale. Unable to amass enough passing points, Wilson will have to race into Saturday night's Non-Wing main by way of Saturday's "B" Feature action.




Missouri Sprint Car ace Danny Lasoski posted a convincing Heat Race win in Multi action, but was unable to garner enough points in his Qualifying Race to secure a position in the Tulsa Shootout Multi division championship "A" Main.




Saturday's semi-features get under way at 9:00 a.m., with main events for all classes set to go green at 6:00 p.m.




The grandstands open for Saturday's main events at 5:00 p.m., with admission $15 for Adults and only $5 for children. All day pit passes are available for $25. For more information, contact the Tulsa Shootout office at 918-838-3777.




Micro Sprint Results:




600cc Multis (130 entries):




Heat Races (Top 60 in Passing Points to Five Qualifying Races – Balance to Saturday's semis):




Heat Race Winners (8 Laps): Dean Alexander (Visalia, CA), Mike Owings (Broken Arrow, OK), Butch Ivy (Little Rock, AR), Ryan Frantz (Atwood, IL), Trevor Berry (Clio, MI), Harley Hollan (Broken Arrow, OK), Austin Jones (Metamora, IL), Matt Covington (Glenpool, OK), Stan Yockey (Fresno, CA), Danny Lasoski (Dover, MO), Ryan Reeves (Fresno, CA), Jerrod Wilson (Skiatook, OK), Zachary Gigot (Garden City, KS), Dustin Morgan (Catoosa, OK), Andrew Peters (Greentown, IN), Austin Laskey (Tulsa, OK).




Qualifying Races (Top 16 in Combined Passing Points from Heats and Qualifiers to Saturday's "A" Main; balance to Saturday's Twin "B" and "C" Features):




Winners (10 Laps): Jerrod Wilson (Skiatook, OK), Harley Hollan (Broken Arrow, OK), Kevin Bayer (Broken Arrow, OK), Ryan Reeves (Fresno, CA), Donnie Ray Crawford (Broken Arrow, OK).




Top 16 in Passing Points Locked into A Main: 1. 6-Dean Alexander (Visalia, CA), 2. 155-Donnie Ray Crawford (Broken Arrow, OK), 3. 47-Jerrod Wilson (Skiatook, OK), 4. 5-Tyler Robbins (Collinsville, IL), 5. 14-Harley Hollan (Broken Arrow, OK), 6. 91-Kevin Bayer (Broken Arrow, OK), 7. 12-Ryan Reeves (Fresno, CA), 8. 122-Dustin Morgan (Catoosa, OK), 9. 73-Austin Jones (Metamora, IL), 10. 2-Austin Laskey (Tulsa, OK), 11. 40-Rodney Stealy (Lakeville, IN), 12. 94-Andrew Peters (Greentown, IN), 13. 27-Andrew Elson (Carmel, IN), 14. 08-Chris Andrews (Sapulpa, OK), 15. 96-Zachary Gigot (Garden City, KS), 16. 112-Montie Frey, Jr.






“A†Class (110 entries):




Heat Races (Top 16 in Passing Points to "A" Main – Balance to 7 "B" Mains):




Heat Race Winners (8 Laps): Donnie Ray Crawford (Broken Arrow, OK), Bobby Springer (Oklahoma City, OK), Mike Ward (Tulsa, OK), Travis Harris (Owasso, OK), Randy Crowder (Muskogee, OK), Logan Forler (Orting, WA), Aaron Reutzel (Clute, TX), Jerrod Wilson (Skiatook, OK), Nathan Fleming (Great Bend, KS), Billy Tobey (Jenks, OK), Nick Clifford (Elkhorn, NE), Jimmy Wood (Monticello, IN), Michael Davidson (Amarillo, TX), Cory Eliason (Visalia, CA).




Top 16 in Passing Points Locked into "A" Main: 1. 155-Donnie Ray Crawford (Broken Arrow, OK), 2. 9-Mike Ward (Tulsa, OK), 3. 59-John Dines (Danville, IL), 4. 87-Aaron Reutzel (Clute, TX), 5. 28-Zach Alley (Claremore, OK), 6. 17-Travis Harris (Owasso, OK), 7. 96-Randy Crowder (Muskogee, OK), 8. 77-Chris Andrews (Sapulpa, OK), 9. 2-Logan Forler (Orting, WA), 10. 921-Jordan Weaver (Wichita, KS), 11. 88-Jerrod Wilson (Skiatook, OK), 12. 11-Andrew Felker (Carl Junction, MO), 13. 017-Billy Tobey (Jenks, OK), 14. 6-Michael Davidson (Amarillo, TX), 15. 291-Nate Lauderbaugh (Kokomo, IN), 16. 00-Cory Eliason (Visalia, CA).






Non-Wing (123 entries):




Heat Races (Top 16 in Passing Points to "A" Main – Balance to 7 "B" Mains):




Heat Winners (8 Laps): Jonathan Halford (Tulsa, OK), Tyler Edwards (Salina, OK), Chad Robinson (Cache, OK), Steven Shebester (Pauls Valley, OK), Ryan Bernal (Hollister, CA), Caleb Armstrong (New Castle, IN), Kevin Bayer (Broken Arrow, OK), Zach Alley (Claremore, OK), Donnie Ray Crawford (Broken Arrow, OK), Andrew Felker (Carl Junction, MO), Randy Crowder (Muskogee, OK), Stan Yockey (Fresno, CA), Jerrod Wilson (Skiatook, OK), Blaine Culp (Columbia City, MO), Andrew Elson (Carmel, IN), Megan Wood (Monticello, IN).




Top 16 in Passing Points Locked into "A" Main: 1. 83-Jonathan Halford (Tulsa, OK), 2. 155-Donnie Ray Crawford (Broken Arrow, OK), 3. 78-Brad Smith (Logansport, IN), 4. 1-Chad Robinson (Cache, OK), 5. 55-Brandon Carey (Ripon, CA), 6. 34-Caleb Armstrong (New Castle, IN), 7. 21-Rodney Stealy (Lakeville, IN), 8. 11-Andrew Felker (Carl Junction, MO), 9. 22-Andy Malpocker (St. Charles, MO), 10. 59-John Dines (Danville, IL), 11. 03-Kevin Bayer (Broken Arrow, OK), 12. 65-Matt Wasmund (Orange City, IA), 13. 98-Tyler Edwards (Salina, OK), 14. 187-Aaron Reutzel (Clute, TX), 15. 87-Ryan Bernal (Hollister, CA), 16. 47-Jared Matlock (Alvin, TX).






Restricted A Class (73 entries):




Heat Races (Top 16 in Passing Points to "A" Main – Balance to 5 "B" Mains):




Heat Winners: Cody Metscher (McLoud, OK), Clayton Kesler (Monticello, IN), Zach Zimmerly (Portland, OR), Cody Baker (Lone Jack, MO), Nathan Janeway (Sapulpa, OK), Warren Johnson (Overland Park, KS), Ali Wood (Massena, IA), Alec Martin (Powell, OH), Matt Johnson (Delphi, IN), Justin Sanders (Salinas, CA).




Top 16 in Passing Points Locked into "A" Main: 1. 01-Austin Woodham (Laporte, IN), 2. 02-Tanner Mullens (Andale, KS), 3. 911-Cody Metscher (McLoud, OK), 4. 94-Zach Zimmerly (Portland, OR), 5. 13-Nathan Janeway (Sapulpa, OK), 6. 21-Raio Morgan (Fresno, CA), 7. 42-Warren Johnson (Overland Park, KS), 8. 14-Wyatt Burks (Parts Unknown), 9. 17-Justin Sanders (Salinas, CA), 10. 025-Clayton Kesler (Monticello, IN), 11. 33-Cody Baker (Lone Jack, MO), 12. 44-Jared Rogers (Berryton, KS), 13. 99-Carlie Baker (Clovis, CA), 14. 38-Jimmy Wood (Monticello, IN), 15. 91-Ali Wood (Massena, IA), 16. 39-Alec Martin (Powell, OH).






Junior Sprints (23 entries):




Heat Winners (8 Laps): Spencer Montgomery (Windsor, IL), Ty Hulsey (Owasso, OK), Cody Ledger (Omaha, NE).






Kart Results:




Junior I Light (35 entries):




Heat Winners: Jacob Krug (Omaha, NE), Blake David (Fulton, MO), Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa, IA), Ryan Harris (Crosby, TX).




Junior I Heavy (31 entries):




Heat Winners: Jacob Krug (Omaha, NE), Zachary Hockenmeier (Kansas City, MO), Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa, IA), Jacob Letson (Decatur, AL).




Junior II (41 entries):




Heat Winners: Zach Hahn (Sigourney, IA), Luke Nagel (Alvord, IA), Dillon Sampson (Jackson, MN), Jonathan Grevengood (Hull, IA), Skylar Prochaska (Lakefield, MN).




Super Junior II (35 entries):




Heat Winners: Jordan Krug (Omaha, NE), Dylan Sherfick (Wakeeney, KS), Joe Bogdanovich (Omaha, NE), Phillip Lewter (Hazel Green, AL).




Junior Animal (31 entries):




Heat Winners: Shayle Bade (Lincoln, NE), David Davidson (Halls, TN), Joe Bogdanovich (Omaha, NE), Austin Allen (Goddard, KS),




Stock Light (57 entries):




Heat Winners: James Murphy (Kansas City, KS), Brandon Aggen (Rushmore, MN), Kenny Lovins (Blytheville, AR), Patrick Mahnken (Fulton, MO), Josh Most (Red Oak, IA), Kiefer Kalin (Norfolk, NE), Justin Kern (Grimes, IA).




Stock Medium (67 entries):




Heat Winners: Patrick Mahnken (Fulton, MO), Mike Halliburton (Columbia, MO), Tyler Stevens (Searcy, AR), Justin Kern (Grimes, IA), Chad Selk (Chili, WI), James Murphy (Kansas City, KS), Morgan Blalock (Madison, AL), Jody Krug (Tecumseh, KS).




Stock Heavy (45 entries):




Heat Winners: Justin Kern (Grimes, IA), Jody Krug (Tecumseh, KS), Simon Barnaby (Tyler, TX), Jamie Gerlach (Rapid City, SD), Tanner Bohlen (Hortonville, WI).




Animal Medium (37 entries):




Heat Winners: Brandon Aggen (Rushmore, MN), James Polmonari (Cordova, TN), Tom Spanel (Lincoln, NE), Mike Halliburton (Columbia, MO), Devan Matthews (Overland Park, KS).




Animal Heavy (33 entries):




Heat Winners: Russell Hunt (Liberty, MO), Chad Selk (Chili, WI), Garrett Swiggart (Lincoln, NE), Lucas Wallace (Albany, KY).




Blue Wazoom (22 entries):




Heat Winners: Tom Spanel (Lincoln, NE), Clayton Jirovsky (Norfolk, NE), Cody Olsen (Omaha, NE).




Yamaha KT 100’s (29 entries):




Heat Winners: Bryan Nevins, Jr. (Des Moines, IA), Jamie Ferrell (Indianapolis, IN), Chris Birky (Foosland, IL), Jarren Halstead (Grinnell, IA).




Run What Ya Brung (22 entries):




Heat Winners: Bryon Weyer (Des Moines, IA), Jason Gibbs (Redmond, WA), Brad Moriarty (Des Moines, IA).










Open Pro (27 entries):




Heat Winners: George Hood (Des Moines, IA), Brent Kuik (Harrisburg, SD), Michael Coburn (Garretson, SD), Eli Bieschke (Harrison, AR), Frank Batista (Riverdale, CA).




250cc Pro (26 entries):




Heat Winners: Frank Batista (Riverdale, CA), Brad Covington (Batesville, AR), Eli Bieschke (Harrison, AR), Brent Kuik (Harrisburg, SD), Danny McGraw (Hale, MO).




Open Amateur (28 entries):




Heat Winners: Josh Hibdon (Oak Grove, MO), Chase Snapp (Tulsa, OK), Joshua Loganbill (Versailles, MO), Nick Allen (Big Lake, MN), Hollis Foutch (Morris, OK).




250cc Amateur (31 entries):




Heat Winners: Jordan Peck (Coweta, OK), Chad Wilson (Coalgate, OK), Hollis Foutch (Morris, OK), Tucson Collins (Hitchita, OK), Mitch Coburn (Garretson, SD), Pete Daniels (Little Rock, AR).

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