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USAC Update


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I was looking at the USAC site the other day and noted a couple of things that should be of interest around here.


First, I noticed that Bradley Riethmeyer will receive USAC's Rookie of the Year Award for his efforts this past season in the Carolina/Virginia Region Ford Focus Midget Series. He will be presented with the award at USAC's annual awards banquet in January in Indianapolis. Congrats to Bradley! If you will remember he was the 2004 Romco SLM Champ.


I also noted USAC's scheduling comments on the race at THR this coming April 11th. The race is not only a points event for the National Midget Touring Series, but also the "Western States" touring series. That should make it one heck of a race, with an excellent car count. I can't wait!


They also stated the Wednesday night April 11th date is no accident! Its on the schedule to coincide with the Nascar Nextel Cup race at TMS the following weekend. There's a bunch of former USAC National Midget Series champs that now run the Nextel Cup. No telling WHO might show up for the race at THR! It's not me saying this, it's USAC on their site saying this!


If you didn't catch the Saturday night race they held at THR last October, you missed something special. It was awesome!

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