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Allison Legacy Series to run in 2007 National Auto Sports Association

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The N.A.S.A. National Board has approved the Allison Legacy Series to compete in the 2007 national competition. 2007 will be the first year that Allison cars will compete in the national event. The series is being placed in a Performance Touring class until which time the car count can be established for the national event.


The Allison Series formed their first ever road course series in 2006 that competed in the NASA Texas region. "The Allison Series is a great class and based on participation and performance in Texas this year, we are excited to be a part of this new and growing group of road racers" says Shannon Matus, NASA Texas Regional Race Director. The Allison cars were originally designed and built to run the short circle tracks. "With a large number of road courses across Texas and even more under construction, we really needed to branch out and fill the need of affordable racing in the road course arena" says Mark Chapin of Texoma Legacy Motorsports in Ft. Worth.


"we are committed to being the race series of choice for the kids coming out of carts, to folks that just want to race for a hobby. We are working very hard to find a series sponsor to partner with to grow this series. Our goal is to be a support that someday will help build bench strength for the many pro racing series" says Jay Carley of Texoma Legacy Motorsports.


The 2006 NASA Championships were held at Mid Ohio in September. For more information on NASA or the 2006 National Championships, visit the National NASA web Site at http://www.nasaproracing.com/


Visit the Texoma Legacy Motorsports web site at www.texomalegacymotorsports.com

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