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Question For Texas SLM Fans?

Montgomery Motorhead

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I remember years ago when Bob Harmon had the All Pro Series he ran a SLM Texas tour every year. I believe it was either two or three races on the same weekend at different tracks in Texas..............I was just curious to know which tracks was involved with this tour. I always wanted to go to one of Bob's Texas Tours but never did make it............I sure do miss Bob Harmon promoting these SLM races here in Alabama. Bob Harmon was a one of a kind great short track promoter. There will never be another promoter like Bob Harmon...........Thank You

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Bob promoted races at:

Twin Cities, Odessa, track was closed in 1999.

CC Speedway, Corpus Christi, track is still operational.

Hwy 16, San Antonio. (The current SAS).


Dates and top three results:


July 7, 1983, San Antonio, Mike Harmon, Larry Raines, Ronnie Sanders


Aug 4, 1984, CC Speedway, Gary Balough, Butch Lindley, Darrell Brown

Aug 4, 1984, CC Speedway, Freddy Fryar, Steve Grissom, Gary Balough

Aug 5, 1984, San Antonio, Donnie Allison, Darrell Brown, DAniel Keene


Jun 29, 1985, San Antonio, Gary Balough, Freddy Fryar, Darrell Brown


No races in 1986 or 1987


Aug 17, 1988, Odessa, Bobby Gill, Jody Ridley, Darrell Brown

Aug 19, 1988, San Antonio, Bobby Gill, Jody Ridley, Rick Rapp

Aug 20, 1988, San Antonio, Bobby Gill, Jody Ridley, Daniel Keene


Aug 16, 1989, Odessa, Jody Ridley, Bobby Dotter, Clay Brown

Aug 18, 1989, San Antonio, Joe Nemechek, Rick Rapp, Greg Davidson

Aug 19, 1989, San Antonio, Bobby Dotter, Joe Nemechek, Clay Brown

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Dick Anderson was leading the first race at SAS in 83 when Ronnie Sanders took him and about 3 others out that also took down the back gate ate the time,it didn't have all the posts like it does now. Anderson did run several other non All pro races at SAS also.

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All the All-Pro races run in Texas are on that list.


I don't remember Anderson winning a race at SAS, He only ran one or two of the All-Pro races, and one or two open races.

One of them was early season 85 or 86, Waldo Harper bought a car from him, and flew him over to run it. They had about 43 cars show up fpr a (I think) 150 lapper.

Anderson had a quick car, and was running second when it broke an engine. But no one had anything for Slick Yoemans, driving Jim Pallas's # 4 "Casper" car.

I remember this particular open race, as we were helping Slick and Jim this day. The car unloaded off the trailer fast.This race, besides Anderson, had Don Wilson, Ray Daniels, and Rick Carrelli from Colorado.

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TXtom thanks for the information....Horsepower I have heard some talk about Robert Harmon starting a SLM Series here in Alabama but I expect that all it is is just talk.............Ben Atkinson (Southern All Stars) is supposed to be starting up an Outlaw Super Late Model Series here in 2007. I don't know if he has any dates set up yet or not. I wish him success on this series. I know these kind of cars are very popular up North and in the Midwest.

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