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Modified Slot Car Racing


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Modified Slot Car Racing


Slotcar Turkey Shootout Results



Mini Mod's


1.(10)Mason White

2.(43)Hunter Langford

3.(3d)Dylan Whitehead

4.(1)Caleb Hudgeons

5.(86)Ben Mikulencak

6.(90)Kyle Van Blarcum


Jr Mod's


1.(87)Justin Wynd ($30)

2.(26)Cody Leonard ($18)

3.(37)Marcus Mikulencak ($10)

4.(98)Shana Whiteaker

5.(33)Mereda Major

6.(99)Sirus Morin

7.(55)Branson Pittman

8.(88)Shelby Whiteaker

9.(32)Austin Tague

10.(15)Noah Van Blarcum


Young Guns


1.(1)Ricky Rogers ($50)

2.(81)Justin Langford

3.(91j)Jerrod Grantz

4.(0)David Mikulencak

5.(8)Cody Langford

6.(6)JT Meyers

7.(01)Jake Hinton

8.(uf0)Will Grantz


Congrats to our Turkey Shootout Winners.Thanks to the drivers

that contributed the prize money to the Slot Car Series Turkey

Shootout.Also special thanks to George White,Jason Hughes,and

Wayne Brooks for dropping by the Slotcar Track and talking with

the kids.George White's son Mason took home the hardware in the

Mini Mods division.


Autographed Slot Mods.They even took some hot laps with these Slot Mods.Awesome!

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Just want to say thanks for giving our kids something extra fun to do at the track each week. You do a lot that we can't do due to racing. I know Cody has really enjoyed being a part of the weekly series and will be back next year. He's looking forward to some winter races. Hope you find a way to go to the valley race. He's bringing his car with him just in case.


Darin & Cody

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