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My brother JC Umscheid is racing in South Boston Viginia this weekend in the Mason Dixon Meltdown. 48 cars showed up for qualification attmepts. After drawing for qualifying order JC went out in the 6th position. He ran a 15.20 which stood on top of the PASS SLM series charts late in the 48 car field untill Cassius Clark ended up running a 15.11 to set the pole position. JC wound up in the 6th position.


The top eight are locked into the race and will race in a trophy dash tomorrow. The rest of the 48 car field must race their way into the race during heat races tomorrow.


One other Texan also is locked into the Mason Dixon Meltdown and that is Ryan Lawler. Not positive but i believe he is eighth.


Kyle Busch crashed his car on his second lap of qualifying but was 7th, 15.28 on his first lap which locks him into the show as well.


good luck to my brother JC and i wish i was able to make this race. Hopefully he will have a good chance to bring home the $12,500 in winnings available.

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Top Ten Qualifying Results (sorry a little different than the info i was given last night)


Kyle Busch is not locked into the show he is ninth fastest. Only top eight are locked in.


1) Cassius Clark 15.110

2) Ben Rowe 15.125

3) Corey Williams 15.159

4) Travis Kittleson 15.178

5) Mike Rowe 15.184

6) JC Umscheid 15.202

7) Jason Hogan 15.248

8) Ryan Lawler 15.279

9) Kyle Busch 15.284

10) Johnny Clark 15.288

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alright trophy dash for top 8 qualifiers is complete and some bad news for JC


brake failure early in the trophy dash causes JC to finish in 8th. the right front brake rotor broke, has been replaced with another rotor already and ready to start the 250 lap Meltdown in the eigth position.


He said the car was extremly capable to race with the leader and is very excited about the race this evening.

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