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SUPER Swap Meet did you miss out?

Rainbow Man

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Well if you didn't go to Swenson Swap Meet and have to pay full price + tax that's your fault . Some racers came out I swap alot of my good things with Chris and Gary and Yount Too Man and got some great deals too. Alot of swapping went on Thanks to Randy , George, Robert and Chris and Gary for being real racers that they always are. Yount Too Man and Helen thanks for a super meal and place to sleep and alot of bench racing about all our past and future in auto racin . Guys from C.C. where were you Gary Dean had a car for sale that he didn't sell Greg Dinsmore also has a car for sale still . Swenson Racin still has alot to move but all that came helped alot. Things will only get bigger next swap meet Gary Said. Thanks to all Terry and Swain Daddy got a trailer From Robert Danielson fore a super price . See ya at STS this weekend if you are going Modified and Pure Stocks and Limited Mods great purse hope for good weather like this weekend See Ya Rainbow Man

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