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4~Hart Motorsports: INSTANT IMPRINTS of San Antonio receives Sponsor A

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4~Hart Motorsports Media Relations


-- For Immediate Release




SAN ANTONIO, TX (November 11, 2006) – To conclude the 31st consecutive season for the oldest touring series in Texas, the Texas ProSedans held their post season awards banquet on Saturday November 11, 2006. The annual Awards Dinner was held at Carlos Kelly's Restaurant in San Antonio.


The awards banquet is always special to the 4~Hart Motorsports team, as it is the opportunity to see their fellow competitors, officials, and sponsors away from the race track. It is a way for the team to put a final close on the season with the community that they have come to know as friends. This awards banquet which crowned the Champion and the Rookie of the year, recognized special officials, racers, and sponsors was no different.


Based upon the final point standings, Donnie Moore locked up the 2006 Championship. This was the second of his career. All of the 4~Hart Motorsports team wish to congratulate Donnie, and his entire team for a great job all year. They have earned this year’s Championship.


Joshua Tuttle, locked up the 2006 Rookie of the Year honors. All of the 4~Hart Motorsports team wish to congratulate Joshua, and his entire team for a great job, as they persevered all year to earn the Rookie of the Year Honors. As the 2005 TPS “Rookie of the Year” runner-up, Lloyd Hart, driver of the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX was asked to present Joshua Tuttle with the TPS Rookie Plaque. “It was an honor to be asked to present him with the award. Joshua and his entire team continued to improve every race, and never slowed up. His team continued to improve the car at every race, and Joshua continued to learn and improve his skills as a driver. Rookies are not supposed to be able to run for the win, and yet the whole last half of the season found Joshua right there as a contender for the win. They, as a team, have earned this recognition,” Hart said.


However, another honor for the driver of the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX, was when he was asked to receive the Texas ProSedan’s Sponsor Appreciation Award for Instant Imprints of San Antonio, on behalf of Larry Willis and the entire team at Instant Imprints.


“Instant Imprints has been a big part of the 2006 season for the Texas ProSedans. They have contributed to the TPS purse for every race this year. It was a pleasure to accept the award on their behalf. They have been good to both TPS and to my team as well, as they are our primary sponsor. I have seen their work first hand, and their dedication to quality make it easy to be proud to be able to represent them. They had planned to be at the awards ceremony, but their dedication to their work prevented them from attending. They had received three large orders just days before the banquet, and were not able to attend,” Hart stated.


Instant Imprints and 4~Hart Motorsports also gave racing t-shirts out to the fans at each of the races in 2006 at both the San Antonio Speedway, and at Thunder Hill Raceway. Additionally, Lloyd Hart presented a shirt to each of the TPS race officials at the last race of the season at Thunder Hill Raceway on October 28th on behalf of Instant Imprints and 4~Hart Motorsports.


Lloyd will present Instant Imprints with their award at their storefront in San Antonio, TX in the week following the TPS Awards Banquet.




Texas ProSedans has now concluded their 31st consecutive season. They will begin their 32nd season in 2007 season at San Antonio Speedway in San Antonio, Texas on March 3rd, 2007. Also appearing at San Antonio Speedway’s 2007 stock car racing season opener will be the ASA Late Model Series (ASALMS) Challenge Division Presented by GM Performance Parts.



4~Hart Motorsports is sponsored by Instant Imprints of San Antonio. Information about 4~Hart Motorsports and more information about our sponsors can be found at www.4hartmotorsports.com.


Information about Texas ProSedans can be found at www.texasprosedans.com

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I would like to thank Lloyd and his team for the support of the fan experience.


For anyone that didn't know He had spend quite the $$ on tee shirts to hand out in the stands. Everytime TPS was at THR, We got about 2 dozen shirt, both adult and child to hand out to lucky fans.


Thank you for your work on making it a family sport.


Laura & Aaron Brungot

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Thank you Deb. We are working on re-upping our partnership with Instant Imprints, and our goal is to continue to the support of the fan experience for 2007 at both THR and SAS!!


Also, thanks to both tracks for welcoming TPS and always making us feel at home!


Mike - The "ACE" is progressing, but never as quickly as one would like. Imeadiately following the end of the season comes the catch up at home for all the things that were let go during the season. As soon as they are all caught up, it will be back to the new car. And yes - the plan is a new shirt for the new car... ;)

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