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New Quarter Midget Club in Houston

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New Quarter Midget Club in Houston


by Amy Hogan


Houston, TX (October 12, 2006) - Bayou City Quarter Midget Club in Houston has just been granted a racing charter from USAC affiliated Quarter Midgets of America.


Texas has two Quarter Midget racing clubs affiliated with Quarter Midgets of America, Lone Star QMA in San Antonio and River City QMA in Austin.


The club is part of Region 6 of Quarter Midgets of America that presently has a total of 4 tracks. The other two tracks in Region 6 are located outside of Texas in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Topeka, Kansas.


A new club in the Houston area is good news for all Houston area kids, ages 5-15, who want to race Quarter Midgets and don’t want to travel every weekend in order to compete.


Bayou City QMA is a non-profit organization that is run by parents devoted to their kids Quarter Midget racing. Subsequently, there are limited funds to buy land and build a track.


“We would welcome any land donations for the track,” stated club President Aaron Hogan. “Most of the Quarter Midget track in the US are built on land donated by city or county governments because the land may not be suitable as a residence or for business purposes”, said Hogan.


In addition, Mr. Hogan said that they would like to build both a dirt and paved track for the kids to race on, and they would like the facility to be large enough to host a Grands event.


Quarter Midget Grands can draw 600-700 racers in a week long event held during the month of July. Mr. Hogan says he has also been looking at existing small tracks in the Houston area to potentially lease for club events.


Anyone interested in more information, making a donation, or fund raising ideas can contact Aaron Hogan by phone at (281) 850-6214 or by e-mail at ahogan@bottomlinebilling.com.

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