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Texas Super Coupes results

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Recap for Texas Super Coupes race at I37 Speedway on 08-15-03


While Brian Shaw #2 was vacationing in Yellow Stone the rest of the Coupes took to the track at I37 Speedway. Only one heat was run with Herb Shaw #1 starting from the pole and holding off the hard charging of George Bumper #9 to finish first and George taking 2nd , followed by his son DeWayne Bumpers #93 in 3rd, Patrick Kelly #84 in 4th and the other father & son team of Bob Henderson #44too in 5th and Quentin Henderson #44 in 6th.

Before the Main event even started I looked up to see if it was a full moon as the events unfolded. As the track called for the line up #44too Bob Henderson was unable to make the call. (Then there were 5) While being waved on the track #93 DeWayne Bumpers had a flat right rear and unable to get it changed in time. (Then there were 4)

The remaining 4 Coupes took the green flag with Herb Shaw #1 & George Bumper #9swaping the lead at every turn. George Bumper spun into the infield at turns3&4 and never lost a position. The battle was just as heavy for 3rd & 4th with Quentin Henderson #44 & Patrick Kelly #84 racing side by side. On lap 7 a caution came out when Herb Shaw spun in turn 2 and George Bumper with no place to go hit the #1 car and spun up the track. Quentin & Patrick missed hitting George by only inches. While Herb Shaw was being place on the hook (then there were 3) George Bumper drove off the track with damage to the right side of his car (then there was 2). While still under yellow Quentin Henderson #44 lost his transmission and stopped on the front straight away. (then there was 1) With the only car still running Patrick Kelly #84 took the checked flag. I still think it was a full moon night !! The Coupes next race will be August 29 back at I37 Speedway. Visit our website for up to date points and information @ www.texassupercoupes.com


Heat Race


1st Herb Shaw # 1

2nd George Bumpers # 9

3rd DeWayne Bumpers #93

4th Patrick Kelly # 84

5th Bob Henderson # 44too

6th Quentin Henderson # 44


Main Event


1st Patrick Kelly # 84

2nd Quentin Henderson # 44

3rd George Bumpers # 9

4th Herb Shaw # 1

DNS Bob Henderson

DNS DeWayne Bumpers




1st Patrick Kelly 255

2nd George Bumpers 250

3rd Herb Shaw 239

4th Brian Shaw 205

5th Quentin Henderson 201

6th DeWayne Bumpers 172

7th Bob Henderson 169

8th Jerry Deckart 157

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