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Update from SA


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I just got a call from my dauther in SA.


Said there was a big 10 car wreck on the 1st lap.


At 54 to go #22 Robert Stewart was leading.


She called me back a little later and said that that Jeff Pollard and Robert Stewart were in some kind of incident.


# 50 Mike Yale is the leader at this point.


Told her call me back with another report.

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OK !~ She said there is 4 to go and this is what she saw




















24 or 27 not sure which.


Said she would call me when it is over.


Casey had a problem and had to go off.


Shawn skimmed the wall and went off.


Heard earlier that he and JP had a get together during practice.



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OK--- she finally called. She said it pretty much ended they way I last reported except for a few cars in back. I don't know who if any where laps down. She was just reading them off the way they were lined up on the track.


And Brian she said to tell you it takes her that long because she is a Blonde. LOL


Not really, her phone is just messing uo down there.




So, I guess pending tech #50 is they winner.

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You're much better looking! :o  :rolleyes:

Hey Reb..

While Kathy is MUCH MUCH MUCH better looking than you (and yes, that's meant as a compliment to Kathy :D ), remember this..


It doesn't take much to be better looking than "The Gardener".. :D


or me, for that matter... :P Why do you think I have a face for RADIO??? LOL

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Oh Chuck, Debbie still loves you and she's not even your mom!lol

By the way you did a great job last night. You really got the crowd going

Jim C

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From all of us who could not make it to theTSRS race we want to thank you.

I got a few phone calls right after the race was over from some people who went to the race, and they could not beleive that we already knew how the race turned out.

LIVE TSZ updates Rock...

Thanks to all of you who Host this web site.



Victory Lane

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