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Great Idea


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Here is an Idea that I have mentioned to THR over the past 5 years several times.


I think we need to Get agroup of Drivers together , and go to local Schools.

Show off the cars , and talk to the Children about local racing.

The track would need to offer some type of Discount ticket , and have a special night of racing for that School.

We need to start bringing in more kids to enjoy racing.

Even if the track gives away free tickets for the kids when Accompanied by a full price paying adult this would help promote the track, and COSTS NO MONEY out of the tracks pocket.

I hear all of the time that the track dose not have the money to Advertise, but there are many free ways to get more people to come to the races that have never been before that only Cost us time.


If the track puts together A group Of Drivers that are willing to go do a show & tell to all of the local Schools I think this would help more than spending a bunch of money on a T.V . add.


Promote School spirit ,have races each night that each car is running for a local school.


It Would take some work from the track to organize this ,a nd to put it together , but it woule not take much money to make it happen.

This is just my 2 cents.

This is just one way to promote a track with out spending a bunch of money.


Victory Lane

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Great idea.


I have done this before with Anthony Jetter when he was racing LMs at SAS. We went to a "career day" or two with the car. You should have seen the kids eyes when we fired up the engine. Of course, I brought my laptop and showed them some of the math involved in racing which made the teachers VERY happy. In those days I was also writing for the SA Light, so we also had a chance to talk about the importance of reading and writing skills. So we covered reading, writing and arithmetic, gave the kids a thrill, woke up the entire neighborhood and promoted racing all at the same time! If I had been thinking I would have called the TV stations to cover the event... you never know when there is a slow news day!


Almost every school schedules a career day. And some schools actively solicit parents of their students to come to the classroom and explain their jobs to the kids.


Nick Holt

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I have an Idea.

Ya'll may think its not worth it, but here it goes. run your average gate, take 40% of your unsold available tickets(average). Find a single employer with a large work force ie; Dell, usaa etc. Take a car or 2, hit the place at lunch on a tuesday..( mondays all people want to do is go back to sleep) Give the tickets away.. make a 50 dollar banner " WELCOME DELL RACE FANS" or whatever. ( you can peel the letters off after the race).

print the comp tickets in different color, at intermission ask the fans with the colored tickets to come to a specific place. give them 1 half price ticket and 2 free tickets. This way they can bring 2 more friends....The way I look at it, what do you have to lose..you have everything to gain..food and drink sales that empty seats would not bring.. plus your using the fans to advertise for you. Just a silly idea. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising"FREE"



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You can promote Safety & Math , Dont drink & drive.


I have spoken to several people over the years at local schools, and It would only take a phone call from the track to get it set up.


VOE & ICT programs at the local high schools would back something like this.


I do not think it would be a problem getting the local school to do this.

The biggest problem is someone organizing it & getting drivers to agree to show up .


I think that it should be manditory that each driver do at least 1 promo event each season or the can not get any points money at the end of the season.

This way every racer is forced to help out the sport we love.

Most racers do what ever they can to promote racing , but if the track is going to push for a strong turn out on a new program it will take more than a few cars to make it a success.


I was impressed that we had 10 late models show up for the Chris Cagel Video . That thing lasted for 6 hours.


That is an example of the track putting together a great program to get exposure , and the drivers backing them up.


I know that Brian C. & his People are really stepping things up.

Great job.


RAce On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Victory Lane

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