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this is from sliders site......




80+ cars showed up for some racing tonight!


Heat 1

1st 727 Keith McCollough


Heat 2

1st C4 Chase Neil


Heat 3

1sr 2 Brandon Stewart


Heat 4

1st 1 Keith White


Heat 5

1st 424 Mike McDougal

4th SLY1 Paul White

Started 11th Lost power steering


Heat 6

1st 03 Dillon Smith


Heat 7

1st 69 Bret Young


Heat 8

1st 771 Sam Sovey


Top 8 redraw for A Quailifier


4 B-Mains, will take the top 4 to the A-Main!






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Top 4 to A-Main


B-Main 1

1st 52 Mark McDanial

2nd 130 Chase Jupe-DQed Vacuum

3rd 23 Mike Stewart

4th 31 Phillip Houston

5th 14 Ricky Heckell-DQed Vacuum


B-Main 2

1st 690 Todd Bartlett

2nd 124 Scott Pyle

3rd 19 Eric Chambers

4th 11 Donnie Hix


B-Main 3

1st 45t Eric Thomlinson

2nd 7 Cody Franks

3rd 5D Kevin Green

4th SLY1 Paul White


B-Main 4

1st 71 Gary Kerr Jr

2nd 07 Robert Black

3rd 32 Kevin Clement

4th 1H Keith Green


Top 8 in A-Qualifier transfer to tomorrow night Big A-Main


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Top 8 go to tomrrows A-Main!



1st 1 Keith White

2nd 771 Sam Sovey

3rd 03 Dillon Smith

4th 727 Keith McCollough

5th 69 Bret Young

6th C4 Chase Neil

7th X71 Gary Kerr Jr

8th 45T Eric Thomlinson

9th 5D Kevin Smith

10th 7 Cody Frank


Keith White and Sam Sovey started on the front row with K White grabbing the lead at the end of the 1st lap! With the track dry and dusty a car spun in turn 3 & 4, 5 or 6 ended up spinning or hitting each other! 23rd place starter Paul White was able to dodge the pile and came out of turn 4 in 12th place! All cars kept moving, so no caution was waived! The car strung out and ran single file for the most part! P White started working the middle and inched in to 10th place on lap 9!

At half way it was K White, Sovey, Smith, McCollough, Neil....

P Whites night in the SLIDER ride came to an end on lap 12 coming out of turn 2! Just as K White was about to split K Green and Todd Bartlett something in the rear end gave up! Not sure if the spider gears broke or if it was the axle! Im leaning toward the spider gears, I just dont see a Moser axle breaking without any contact! The car will be fixed and ready to race again tomorrow!

K White worked his way through lap traffic with Sovey not too far behind! K White in his Pflugerville Machine powered sponsored by Tracyes Auto Sales went on to win the caution free race!


Dont miss out on some great racing action tomorrow night! See who will SSM Nationals! Also in action tomorrow night will be the 305 Sprints and the Brazos Valley Mini Sprints!


See ya at the track!

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