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Countdown 10 Days to Oktober"FAST"

Rick Day

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Just question on a couple of rule things...


Can we Run AR's on THR rules? if we need tires...

Can you double check the Right side weights in rules... think the Lbs # maybe incorrect

45% of 3450 = 1552.5

45% of 3400 = 1530

45% of 3375 = 1518.75

45% of 3300 = 1485

45% of 3250 = 1462.5

45% of 3200 = 1440


How many cars will start? if more show than start how will that be handled?

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Got a question for someone from SAS... I have something early on sat im being forced to attend... so i was wondering what time is the latest people are allowed to get into the pits for octoberFAST?


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