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Modified Slot Car Racing 9/23/06


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9/23/06 Modified Slot Car Racing series results


Mini Mod's


1.(86)Ben Mikulencak

2.(41)Dylan Whitehead

3.(00)Trisha Pittman

4.(90)Kyle Van Blarcum


Jr Mod's


1.(99)Sirus Morin

2.(26)Cody Leonard

3.(87)Marcus Mikulencak

4.(88)Shelby Whiteaker

5.(94)Tim Herrin

6.(55)Branson Pittman

7.(15)Noah Van Blarcum

8.(89)Shana Whiteaker

9.(13)Jake Hinton(DNF)


Young Guns


1.(1)Ricky Rogers

2.(0)David Mikulencak

3.(91J)Jerrod Grantz

4.(6)JT Myers

5.(81)Justin Langford

6.(5S)Will Grantz


Congrats to Ben Mikulencak on his first win of the season in the

Mini Mods.Also to Sirus Morin on his second consecutive win

in the Jr Mod's.Ricky Rogers grabbed the top spot in what was

the tightest race of the evening in the Young Guns Division.

Another night of competitive slot car racing at STS The Dirt Track.


Ben Mikulencak taking his first win in the Mini Mod's.

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