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Racefest 2006 Entertainment Announced

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For more information contact: Alicia Sankar (512-657-6733) or Aryn White (512.554.1599)


Entertainment Line Up Announced for ‘RACEFEST 2006’


Stage Set for Family Entertainment, Music and Racing for full day of Activities


Austin, TX (September 20, 2006) – Full Throttle Productions today announced a full day of family entertainment and music leading up the night’s NASCAR race for the upcoming Allstate Thunder and Lightning Racefest 2006 on September 30, 2006 at Thunder Hill Raceway in Kyle, Texas. The day’s events are perfect for the entire family.


Musical Lineup: Trent Willmon (6:45 PM) www.trentwillmon.com


No Justice (4:30 PM) www.nojustice.com


Ryan James (3:30 PM) www.ryanjamse.com


Family Activities: Radio Disney and RacingRoadShow.com game pavilion


Borden’s “Elsie the Cow” and her calf “Beau”


Rock Climbing


Face Painting & Airbrush Tattoos


Driver Autograph Session (6:00 PM)


On Site Interactive Games


Texas Motor Speedway’s Show Car Display


Sparky – The official Mascot of Texas Motor Speedway


Magic Demonstrations


Balloon Twisting






WHERE: Thunder Hill Raceway, 24801 IH-35, Kyle, Texas


WHEN: Saturday, September 30, 2006


Gates Open at: 1:30 PM


Race Begins: 8:00 PM


To purchase tickets visit: www.texasracefest.com or www.starticketsplus.com

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I called Starticket Plus to purchase tickets for the Texas Race Fest and they informed me that the deadline was up for these tickets and they would have to be purchased at the gate. My family and I would like to attend all 3 events. Is there another way to purchase tickets ahead of time to assure the event is not sold out and we had to drive a couple of hours to get there.


Cherie Spreen

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Checked with Aryn, and she said there must be a mistake. What the ticket person might be referring to is that yesterday is the last day that Star Tickets would mail the purchased tickets.

From today forward any purchased tickets will need to be picked up at the Star Tickets outlet in any Albertson's store in the Austin-area...or at will call the day of the race.



Albertson's locations:

1819 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Austin, TX

(512) 389-0200


2805 Bee Cave Rd, Austin, TX

(512) 327-2175


5510 S I H 35, Austin, TX

(512) 443-9673


701 S Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX

(512) 347-0670


6800 W Gate Blvd # 120, Austin, TX

(512) 693-2223


8716 Research Blvd, Austin, TX

(512) 458-9233


1807 Slaughter Ln W # 400, Austin, TX

(512) 280-5174


7100 Highway 290 W, Austin, TX

(512) 288-1101


11331 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX

(512) 837-3333

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I looked up the info for all 3 events last night and did not want to puchase over the net. So I called direct today and the lady told me the deadline to buy tickets thru them was up and I needed to purchase direct from the track or at the track on race day. I explained that I looked it up last night and she said the deadline was up. I will try and call again and see if another sales associate will sell to me.


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Okay I just called Star tickets back and they said they were just informed that they could still sell tickets for the events; but they could not sell the 3-day package. They could sell me each ticket individualy. But the service charge for each ticket is $18.50 per person. That is about $74.00 extra for each day over the price of the tickets for a family of 4. Wow!!!



Cherie :huh::o

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I went ahead and ordered the tickets over the net and the individual day price. Couldn't get good seats for the 3-day pass in reserved. A bit more money that way; but much easier than dealing with them over the phone. ONLY a service charge of $6.50 per ticket for the adults and no service charge for children plus a $3.00 charge for will call. Does anyone know if there will be a 2 day ticket price for the USAC races? Thanks Cherie

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Thanks for bringing some of these issues up...really do appreciate it!



Let me clear a few things up, all ticket companies are A NIGHTMARE. We had many of these same issues with Texas Box Office last year, hence the reason for changing to Star Tickets this year. We met with Ticket Master before signing with Star and feel Star is the way to go.

However, there is not a ticket company for any kind of event that will mail tickets out when the event is very near (calendar wise)...some have 10 day cut off, some have 7 day and a couple have 5 day. The reason for this is that it's too risky for the purchaser with the mail. Remember, just because you are down the road does not mean you'll get your tix the next day because most of these ticket companies mail from distribution centers elsewhere in the country. All ticket companies are like this. For giggles, I called to get tix to a Vegas show for next weekend. They said, you'll pick them up at the front gate under your name.


So here's the skinny, tickets are still available for all 3 days. Single Day or 3 Day Passes. What you get for a 3 Day Pass is a discounted price on all 3 days plus an event T-shirt, which will also be available for purchase on site. Reserved or General Admission are both available. There is no such thing as a "bad" reserved seat. I have sat in every seat in reserved, most of them this morning. What you get is better quality seat than general admission but most importantly it's reserved. So, if you are late to the event or get up to go to the bathroom, nobody can take your seat! They also are slightly elevated. Those are going fast however.


Now on to the service charges. Are they ridiculous? Absolutely! But we know for a fact that for the various ticket prices we have for these events that Star is .25, .50 and even .75 less than the rest. We have the contracts to prove it. Cherie was correct in most of her post except with her totals. For example, and we'll use the reserved ($37 ticket for adults) in this case...there is a $3.25 service charge per ticket (Texas Box Office & Ticket Master were .50 cents higher) but the other $3 is a one time service charge PER ORDER. So it's $3 whether you buy 1 or 50 tickets. And NO there is no such thing as another charge for picking up at will call. This is all in line with every other event or race anywhere where a professional ticket company is involved.


Having said all that, is it worth it? I don't know, to each his own. Ticket prices are higher on the day of the event, which basically becomes a pretty even wash on the advanced ticket purchase service charge. What you risk by waiting is that "day of" it might be sold out...like last year. Also, you would not get a free T-shirt, unless you bought all 3 days right then and there. I would encourage any of you who have questions to visit the website at www.texasracefest.com. All the entertainment activities inside are free to all. Music, Racing and the rest for what NASCAR and Star have said we are crazy not to charge more...


Hope this clears things up a bit and hope you all come out to what we are sure will be a full day of family fun and entertainment, not to mention some great racing.

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So for the totals: If you bought 4 ADULT (children is much less) $37 dollars reserved tickets...the total service charges would be $4 dollars per ticket! $3.25 per ticket and a one time $3.00 charge per order (which in the case of 4 tickets would be another .75 cents). PERIOD.


Only really being clear because the quoted figure of $18.50 in service charges in no where near correct.

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I didn't mean to start anything. Is all I was doing was trying to do is buy tickets for these events. Star Ticket is the one who told me this morning I couldn't buy the tickets any more thru them. I was trying to avoid giving all my CC info over the net. I really wanted the 3-day passes and the free tee shirts; but when I called them back this afternoon they told me they were just informed they could still sell the tickets but I could no longer order the 3-day passes and had to order the tickets seperatly. They are the ones who gave me the surcharges. If you read my next post I ended up having to order them over the net. The surcharge is what I went by when I ordered them. It stated 2 x $6.50. That is where I came up with that figure. So mathematically yes that comes out to 3.25 per person for 4. It did not state 4 X 3.25. Believe me I have ordered thru ticket master and paid way more than those charges. There may not be any bad seats; but thru the net the only tickets I could get was on row 5 for the 3-day passes. My family and I wanted higher seats. My younger son can see the track better up high. That is another reason I called direct was to see if I could get higher seats. I paid the extra for reserved so we could have reserved and not worry about finding seats and loosing them. I never wanted them mailed. I knew it was too late and had planned all along to get them in will call. We missed the event last year and have been waiting all year for this event again. Heard from several people it was a great race. Now my next question is will there be a 2-day ticket price for the USAC race or do I order them per day?

Thanks Cherie

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