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Monster Trucks to invade SAS this Weekend

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Debbie Williams

San Antonio Speedway Vice President & Asst. Gen. Mgr.

(210) 648-7373 (office); (210) 685-0400 (cell)



Monster Trucks to invade San Antonio Speedway this Weekend


San Antonio, TX (September 19, 2006) – Hang on tight because San Antonio Speedway is presenting a CRASH-A-RAMA – a “Night of Total Destruction” – along with some of the best known Monster Trucks in the nation this Saturday evening.


Four earth-shaking monster trucks from Shafer Motorsports will highlight the CRASH-A-RAMA – including Bear Foot, Monster Patrol, Amsoil Shock Therapy and Rampage. These nationally-known monster trucks will be crushing cars – and anything else that gets in their way – and performing jumps in the infield of the half-mile, asphalt oval track located in South San Antonio.


But hang on. That’s not all. Also on the program is a wild and crazy Demolition Derby, where daredevil drivers “smash and crash” each other’s cars until only one car is left running.


And as if that weren’t enough, a crowd-pleasing School Bus Race, along with a swerving, slewing Boat/Trailer race and a death-defying Two-Car Chain Race, are certain to produce plenty of mayhem, spills and chills as the Night of Total Destruction smashes its way through the evening.


If you’ve never seen a school bus race, you’re in for an experience you’ll never forget. And neither will San Antonio Speedway CEO Terry Dickerson who is scheduled to pilot one of the big yellow busses. Some say he should be in the short bus for even thinking about driving in this out-of-control event.


“I’m not saying what I plan to do in the bus race yet, but I know it will be exciting for the fans to watch,” promised Dickerson. “Anyone who knows me probably knows that I like to do crazy stuff on the track. So I’ve already got something in mind for the bus race.”


Competitors in the Boat/Trailer Race will be towing an unsecured boat behind their cars while making laps around the speedway. To win the race, the driver must finish the race with his or her boat intact on the trailer and ahead of any other driver who still has his boat floating on the trailer. If you’ve never seen a speeding boat smash the wall at a race track, you might want to be present for this one.


In the Two-Car Chain Race, two cars will be tied together with an eight-foot chain. The driver in the front car will be towing the rear car. The front car will be under power, and both drivers will be able to steer and brake. Any bets on how many cars get rear-ended?


Two other crazy events will also take place – a Beer Push Contest and an Ugly Truck Contest. In the Beer Push Contests, teams of five will push similar trucks loaded with beer down the front straightaway, drag-race style. The winning team will take home all of the beer. In the Ugly Truck Contest, the winner of the ugliest truck award will pocket $250.


Rick Day, San Antonio Speedway President and General Manager, says he’s really looking forward to this event.


“I’ve only been here for several months, and I understand this type of event has never been done at the speedway,” said Day. “We plan to tear up anything and everything, and we hope our fans will really enjoy the show. We had a Demolition Derby last month that was a big success, and we’ve heard our fans say they’re ready for more.”


Grandstand admission for the CRASH-A-RAMA is $15 for adults, $8 for Senior/Military with ID, $3 for children 7-12. Children 6 and under are free. Grandstand gates will open at 5:00 p.m., and the CRASH-A-RAMA will begin at 7:00 p.m.


San Antonio Speedway is located at 14901 State Highway 16 South (Poteet Highway) near the new Toyota facility.


For more information about San Antonio Speedway, call the SAS race hotline at 210-628-1499. The San Antonio Speedway website address is http://sanantoniospeedway.com. To enter any of the CRASH-A-RAMA events, see the “Driver’s Area” tab on the San Antonio Speedway website. Information on the monster trucks (Shafer Motorsports) may be found at http://shafer-motorsports.com.



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Yep - two of the trucks are here already - Bear Foot and Amsoil Shock Therapy.


We're doing a show at the HEB on the corner of S.W. Military and Pleasanton Road from 4P-7P today, if anyone wants to come check it out.


The other two trucks will be arriving tomorrow morning. We're having a press conference at noon and will be showing off at least two of the trucks. Then we're headed to Castroville for another show.


Then on Friday evening from 4P-7P, we'll be showing one of the trucks at the Wal-Mart on S.E. Military Drive between S. Flores and Roosevelt. Again, anyone who wants to see the trucks up close is invited.



So, come on out . . .

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Also on the program is a wild and crazy Demolition Derby, where daredevil drivers “smash and crash” each other’s cars until only one car is left running.



Last i heard there were quite a few demo cars signed up...the last one was a blast!

Looking forward to this one

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