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DVD Video 9/16/02

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Boy that bus sure was fast..Did anyone tech the bus after the races? Ride highth looked a lil low to me.


Wasn't able to make copies at the track Sat. night unfortunatley, but I have organized the tapes and I have three nights of racing from this season at SAS. All events were taped each night. I will be outta town after Wed of this week to attend a family funeral in Iowa. I should be back Sept 26th. If you want some thing sent out this week let me know by Wed. Just send me an e-mail or call

512-698-3168. Can't wait for Octoberfast.

Sincerley Thad.



7-22-05. Need to confirm this was the date again


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I went through the races again and digitized them to my DVR. These are the dates I taped at SAS. I will be outta town Sept. 21-26. I check in when i return. Peace be with you all.


SM Feature 3-18-06- No Audio.

SM Heats 4-23-06

SM Feature 4-23-06

SM Heats 9-16-02

SM Feature 9-16-06


Thad Yousling


If you need to reach me you can e-mail me at





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