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Thank You

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Tator Mason - . Thank you for not sleeping very much in the past 3 weeks and not at all Friday night. You had stuff that you needed to be doing and you chose to get my car ready to go. I love ya man. You are my Brother.


Wes and Mona aka Wes and Mom Trucking - Thank you for the motor, cutting torch, drill, scales, almost rear end and every thing else I'm forgetting. Still sleepy. Mona- I will have the money for those rivots one day. :P


Marc Roy - Thank you for not sleepin much either. You were tons of help and I really appreciate you getting my name done. Thanks to checkered flag as well.


Daniel Grimes - One of my pit crew guys. k you for spending your entire Friday night and Saturday away from your wife and two children so we could get that thing on the track. I should be thanking your wife. Since she wears the pants and could kick both of our butts. :lol: So thank you Jennifer for allowing your hubby to stay out ALL night.


Caleb - My other pit crew guy. Thank you for all the help you have given me. Welding my door, putting my sticker package on, going and getting me what ever I need with out complaining one time. You are the man. Now get them grades up before I have to do all that stuff myself.


Keith Garrett - Thank you for the fuel cell and nuts and bolts that are holding half that thing together and the welder that is holding that entire thing together.


J.W. and Kathy - Thank yall for all your help and support and money. Especially the money ;) .


This is already too long so thanks to my sponsors, most of which are above, but now include, Nogalitos Gear and Embroidery Plus. Also thanks to Jason Ray, which in my book is a sponsor, David Deal, Mike, Marvin, Charlie Earnhardt, and everyone I forgot.


The car has better than 5th place in it but it can't do it by it's self. I'll get better.


Post Script,


Can I PLEASE have my power steering back. I PROMISE I'll never drive with one hand agian. EVER.

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Hey Jody,


That front hood would look great with a big Texas Speed Zone logo on it!



are you soliciting?



sweet car jody. anymore pictures?

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Appreciate it everyone.




The current sponsor bid for the hood space on the #12 Road Runner is 2 new tires and 5 gallons of fuel per race. Races include, The Finale @ SAS, OktoberFast and the Spectacular. Bidding closes on Saturday 9/16/06 @ 5:00 pm. :lol:


Looking forward to it Aaron and Ace.

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