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Baytown, Texas (September 9, 2006) – Allen Tippen delivered a strong statement to the O’Reilly SUPR Late Model competitors that he will remain a force to be reckoned with as he claimed his third win of the season and the biggest win of his career as he topped the 5th Annual Longhorn Rumble at Houston Raceway Park. The 100-lap feature paid $5,000 to win and the Minden, Louisiana racer wasn’t about to let his chances slip away. Tippen scored the win in his Troy Tippen Racing/Smith Auto Salvage PTS Racing Engines Chevrolet Monte Carlo GRT.




Tippen still can’t believe that he’s won his third O’Reilly SUPR Late Model race of the season. “I came in to the season looking to score my first win and now I’ve got three, I can’t believe it.” Tippen added that “this is the biggest win of my career.”




The race began with defending O’Reilly SUPR Late Model Champion David Ashley on the pole after earning the B&K Underground Top Qualifier award. But Ashley would fade out of the picture and it was local favorite Robbie Starnes setting the pace in the 66m of Richard Mills. Starnes would face early pressure from recent winner and former race winner Ronny Adams with Chris Wall and Kevin Migura also in the lead battle. Starnes would lead until lap 22 when he stripped the axle on the car, finishing his strong run. Adams would have been poised to take over the lead but he broke a few laps earlier. This allowed Allen Tippen to take the lead, a lead that he didn’t feel would stick. “I knew it was a 100-lap race and I kept waiting or some one to pass me, the car felt slow. But as the race reached the 50-lap fuel stop, Tippen would learn from his crew that his car wasn’t slow and he had a good chance to win. He was pressured in the early stages by Ryan Plaisance and Howard Willis. Willis would drop from the lead battle with a flat tire, going a lap doen in the process.




Tippen’s win almost didn’t happen as Ryan Plaisance and then Chris Wall would hound him over the second half of the race. Wall, who recovered from an early wreck that put him on the rear, would make his move with about 15 laps to go. He tried to move underneath Tippen but the pair made contact with Tippen taking a short detour through the infield, just long enough to give Wall the lead. Wall appeared poised to make it two wins in a row but his car would falter as he ran out of fuel on the final lap. Tippen racing hard for the lead in lapped traffic got into the rear of Wall and Wall ended up in the infield as Tippen raced past to take the win, a win he didn’t realize had occurred. When Tippen and Wall got together Wall went to the infield but Tippen also lost momentum and at least one race car went by in the process. That car turned out to be the lapped car of Howard Willis and Tippen recovered to take the win. Wall’s misfortune allowed Tom Lorenz to grab second at the finish, the only other car on the lead lap. Wall would finish third with Ryan Plaisance in fourth after fading with a wounded motor followed by Jason Ingalls, Howard Willis and Donald Watson, the last car still running at the checkers as the hooked up race track proved to rough on the equipment.




28 O’Reilly SUPR Late Models were on hand.




Official Results:


1. Allen Tippen


2. Tom Lorenz


3. Chris Wall


4. Ryan Plaisance


5. Jason Ingalls


6. Howard Willis


7. Donald Watson


8. Brock Williams


9. Patrik Daniel


10. Danny Mahan


11. Daryl Seals


12. Michael Coleman


13. Doug Roshong


14. Ryan Fontenot


15. Robbie Starnes


16. Kevin Migura


17. Ronny Adams


18. Rob Litton


19. David Ashley


20. Chris Brown


21. Ray Moore


22. Kenny Merchant

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Well I was happy to see the 15m (Kevin Migura) from Edna to be so fast (of course I think he owes that to his crew...claybuster..lol), to bad he didnt finish I think he could have won.


And on that note, if you ask me (or just about anyone elso who watched) Chris wall did win, the leader took him out once and then ran over him again when he ran out of gas, which would not have happened if they would have pitted on lap 50 like they were supposed too. Since SUPR decided to pit on lap 42 Wall had to run 8 more laps on a tank than he should have. So...I think SUPR owes him 5k....

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