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San Antonio Raceway results 9/9/06

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Winner: David Johns from Floresville, TX

DI: 7.69; RT: .0101; ET: 7.6930; MPH: 170.97

Runner Up: Mike Burns from San Antonio, TX

DI: 7.64; Rt: .0251; ET: 7.6370; MPH: 173.48

Semi: Bob Gregory from Corpus Christi, TX and

Ron Matheny from San Antonio, TX



Winner: David Bills from Marion, TX

DI: 7.66; RT: .0118; ET: 7.6884; MPH: 174.08

Runner Up: Austin Cowan from Bulverde, TX

DI: 8.25; Rt: .0229; ET: 8.2477; MPH: 157.73

Semi: Mike Burns from San Antonio, TX and

Todd Zampese from Fair Oaks Ranch, TX



Winner: Ryan McDonnell from San Antonio, TX

DI: 9.32; RT: .0027; ET: 9.3575; MPH: 137.28

Runner Up: Mac Garcia from San Antonio, TX

DI: 11.66; RT: .0107; ET: 11.7162; MPH: 112.75

Semi: John Zigmond from San Antonio, TX


Junior Dragster

Winner: Brandon Bass from San Antonio, TX

DI: 7.92; RT: .1250; ET: 7.9484; MPH: 80.99

Runner Up: Megan Hubbell from San Antonio, TX

DI: 8.95; Rt: .0808; ET: 8.9467; MPH: 73.09

Semi: Aaron Cole from Marion, TX

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