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Thank you for patience and your supportive attitude to all the scores. Lori Hill, Carol Anne Arnall and my self Marcia Brownlee, (Lead Scorer).


You all have been a great bucnch of guys to work with this year. I know there have been a few minor mistakes, We are all three working as team ,so that the final results will be accurate. I hope and prayer that we have not (or I have not) offended any of the drivers.


You know we have to work as a team here at the track. The fans come tosee the Drivers Race. The drivers come to race, I am here o score and score fairly, which I think I have given you.


Owen is a wonderful man and had made the track awesome. He is great to work with and ALLWAYS MAKE THE MISTAKES RIGHT. Owen is an honest and trustworthy man of honor.

So before you start crticizing, think be you speak. You don't allway know what goes on behind the seens..


Ypu arae a grea bunch of guys, And we love each of you for the talent and entertainment that you being to the track.


Your Princess Marcia-Scorer Extraordinar

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I had to use Gary's log in as I don't have a log in for this forum, but I'd like to back Macia up when she says you have no idea waht goes on behund the scenes. I've been up in the press box and I can tell you that those 3 women work really hard to see that they keep you guys (and girls) straight. If you'd just stay in the same place it'd be easier, but you always want to pass someone ;) and get to the front of the line. (must be a hold over from the lunch line) :D

Then there's the cautions, and cars put back in a different place. I know as a fan I can't keep it straight and so I know they are doing their best.

Owen and Gary have worked really hard to give you a good track to race on and to keep it as fair as possible, but I know you all think there are favorites, but I can assure you that when those girls score they don't care what you're name is or who you might be friends with, they just look at the cars and do what they do best. .......SCORE

As for my 2 cents.......You are the best .:wub:


Betty Sue Perry

Beer Garden

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i know what they go through . they must love to do it for it is not the money .they dont get payed for what it is worth and could never be . my wife scored for nearly 16 years .and off and on for 4 or 5 more . with sas .and tps and cc .and she helped this year at cc . and it is no defferent now than then .it never will be an easy job .in raceing thats the hardest .if im right the if you have 20 cars for 20 laps .you have to count every lap to see where a car was at each lap the leader finished that i believe is 200 counts per race .and hope they dont make a mistake .if they do got to start all over again .and for you drivers who think it takes to long to get paid after the races are over .that is probably why . so give them the ti me they need . and thanks to all score keepers .

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Raced for the first time at STS last Sunday. Don't know if any of the ladies in the pay booth are also lap counters, but my hat is off to you. There was a line of people at the pay booth when it was opened and the ladies were as friendly as could be to every single customer through the line, regardless of the disposition of the customer.


Excellent demonstration of customer service! If any of the ladies in the pay booth are also the lap counters, then my hat is off twice to you! The lasting impression for the customer is many times the last impression made by the staff, and those ladies sure understand that.



"dirt running through my veins"


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:P Yeehaaa I know :P ,


:P But ain't my scorer sexy! She really turns me on. Love you Carol Anne! Marcia I don't see how ya'll do it. but I've watched over your shoulders before and you are all so good and meticulous with what you do. Keep up the good work and hope you don't leave. :P


:rolleyes: Take care Mike and we'll see ya in the spring I guess if I get back by next racing season. Here in this hole for the love of oil! :rolleyes:


:ph34r: Dennis in the Desert (IRAQ) :ph34r:

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