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4~Hart Motorsports: Overheating Problem Cooled

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4~Hart Motorsports Media Relations


-- For Immediate Release




KYLE, TX (September 2, 2006) – The day started hot, but the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX stayed cool all day. After battling an overheating problem all season, the 4~Hart Motorsports team was more than overjoyed when the temperature needle never passed 200 degrees.


The day started with nineteen Texas ProSedans arriving to contest their talents and their machines on Central Texas’ fastest 3/8’s mile asphalt track, originally opened in 1998. The D-shaped track provides exciting racing for both the drivers and the fans.


The based on the current points, Lloyd Hart and the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX wound up on the outside front row for the start of the second qualifying heat race. As the Green Flag dropped, Lloyd moved to the top spot. Keeping one eye on the track, and the other on the temperature gauge, Lloyd was able to hold the top spot for several laps. In his rear view, Hart could see the #4 Chevrolet Cobalt of Joshua Tuttle, the #20 VW Rabbit of Sergio Hexsel, and the #15 VW Rabbit of Tom Johnson battling fiercely for position.


With about half the race completed, Tuttle and Hexsel were able to move up beside Hart, one on the inside, and one on the outside making it three wide into turn three. Tom Johnson’s engine let go shortly there after, bringing out the caution for cleanup of the oil and debris. As the race resumed, Tuttle was able to maintain the lead to take the Checkered flag, followed by Hexsel in second, and Hart in third. Mike Knotts in his #48 VW Scirocco came in fourth.


“It was a good race for us. The car felt good, and handled pretty well, considering our only focus tonight was on the temperature. We are hopefully back on track, and just in time for the two biggest races of the season” Hart said after the race, referring to the OktoberFast race at San Antonio Speedway on October 7th and the Stock Car Spectacular at Thunderhill Raceway on October 28th. Both races have announced purses of $1,000 to win.


Based on the 3rd place finish in the second heat, Hart started the main feature sixth. As the race got under way, Lloyd quickly moved into fifth, and was working on fourth. However, the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX and the #72 VW Bug of Candi Hogan got together in turn three. The incident relegated both drivers to the rear of the for the restart, but Hart had to pull into the pits as the contact destroyed the rim and tire on the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX. Crew Chief Jack Foy was not able to make the race, but Crew Member Joe Maloney stepped up to the challenge. “Special thanks go out to Joe. He hustled and was able to get the tire changed, and got us back out there. Joe is always right there getting things done. It is great having him on our team this year” Hart said.


Hart was able to bring the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX back out to finish the race and take the checkered flag, finishing in the 13th spot. Hart stated after the race “It doesn’t really matter what the official record shows, because that was a win for us. The temperature stayed between 180 and 200 degrees all night, right were it belongs. Now that we have that behind us, we can move forward again!”


The winner of the feature race was Sergio Hexsel in his #20 VW Rabbit. Hart and the entire 4 ~ Hart Motorsports team wish Sergio and his entire team congratulations on their second victory of the season.


Hart went on to say “Again, my sponsor, Instant Imprints in San Antonio, and the 4 ~ Hart Motorsports team put together t-shirts that were again given away to the fans tonight, as a way to say thanks to them. Thanks to Mary Ann, Aaron and his wife, the JRA Kids club, the track announcer, and all of the great folks at Thunder Hill Raceway for working with us and Instant Imprints in sharing the t-shirts with the fans!! With only two more races left this year, we look forward to giving more shirts away at those races as well.”


The #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX driver also said, “I have to thank God for a safe race. Thanks to my great primary sponsor, Instant Imprints all of TPS for putting on such a great race, and to Thunderhill Raceway for hosting our races. We are looking forward to returning there for the Stockcar Spectacular On October 28th for our season ending race. I also have to say special thanks to my Crew Chief Jack, and all of my Crew including Joe, Karla, Greg, Samantha, Kathy, and Jonathan, and also to all of my family for their unending support of my racing!”


4~Hart Motorsports and the Texas ProSedans can next be found at San Antonio Speedway for Octoberfast on October 7th on for their eleventh race of the season.


4~Hart Motorsports is sponsored by Instant Imprints of San Antonio. Information about 4~Hart Motorsports can be found at www.4hartmotorsports.com


Information about Texas ProSedans can be found at www.texasprosedans.com

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