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A little misleading?


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Great to see 12-year-old Dillon Spreen, the Lonestar Legacys points leader, on the front of TXSZ...we're proud one of our K-MAC Sports clients is front-and-center..


However, the "sub head" on that story reads as follows:


"Dillon Spreen, the 12-year-old driver of the #81 Lonestar Legacy Series car, will be trying to hold on to his points' lead on Saturday, September 9, at San Antonio Speedway."


As is acknowledged in the story that follows the headline, the Lonestar Legacys race at SAS this Saturday will not be a points race...thus, there's no "holding on" to the points lead if he can't "lose it" there...


The Legacys started 18 cars at THR last night--they WILL put on a good show this Saturday..

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Our sincerest apologies to Dillan and to you personally, Chuck, for the misleading statement on the front page of Texas Speed Zone.


I will contact the person who wrote the story to see if they would like to change the wording.


Nick Holt

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