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Top 5 for 9-1 Blizzard at Five Flags


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Pending tech inspection


These results are from memory, so if I miss it a little, I'm sorry!


Blizzard (29 cars with 26 starting)

1.Ryan Crane

2.Dave Mader

3.Ken McFarland

4.Scott Carlson

5.J.R Norriss (I think!)


Mercer and Carlson had the two of the best cars, but they got together with about 30 to go, and Carlson got spun. Mercer was sent to the back. Carlson recovered for a top 5, and I believe Mercer was somewhere around 8th. Crane and Mader put on a great show until Crane finally got around Mader with around 10 to go. Overall it was a very good race


I'm not sure where Casey Smith,Chris Davidson and T.Wade Welch finished. They didn't run up front like they usually do. The complete rundown will be released ASAP. I was surprised that Jason Young wasn't here. Does anyone know why??

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